Sunday, October 2, 2011

[INFO] A date with Alexander on the streets of Seoul

*T/N: This event is only open to fans in South Korea

Hello, this is M Plus Entertainment.
Many of you are curious about Alexander's activities, aren't you?
Alexander has been very busy these days as he approaches the day where he will meet everyone with a new image.
Is this information still insufficient? So~! We have prepared an event to completely ease your curiousity.

"A date with Alexander on the streets of Seoul"
A golden opportunity to go on a date with Alexander,
and help the underprivileged children! 

This event that will be carried out through Twitter would be done in the form of an auction.
The winners of the bid for Alexander's date will be notified in mid October.
(The date of the date itself will be discussed with the winner)
You will have a fun time with Alexander at Seoul's famous spots and have a delicious meal together.

Details of the auction are as follows. (04/10/2011 10AM ~ 10PM)
Location: |
- Leave us a mention on Twitter from 10AM onwards if you wish to take part
** The auction will be done in USD **

After the winner of the auction is notified, you have to deposit your bid money within 3 days.
If you don't, it will be passed on to the next highest bidder. (Payment details will be given individually)
The money will be donated to underpriveleged children under your name and Alexander's.
Also, to share the memories of the fun date with Alexander's fans, videos or pictures of the date will be uploaded on to M Plus' homepage.
We are looking forward to you participating in "A date with Alexander on the streets of Seoul".

Please direct all enquiries to M Plus Entertainmet ( Thank you.