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[TRANS] 111021 Alexander resuming activities after going solo: First stop - Malaysia!

After leaving U-KISS, Alexander has stayed low for a while, other than preparing for his solo activities. He hopes that after going solo, whether it be his album or through events, he hopes to show his fans how he has improved and also another side of him. Upon announcement of his solo activities, Malaysia has been chosen as the first stop, and no doubt, this is the best end-of-year gift for all Xander fans in Malaysia!

Xander-1218 :: Date with Malaysian Fans - Go high & crazy
I'm actually reaaaaaally nervous about my showcase on the 18th of December... I'm worried (laugh). The last time I came to Malaysia, I was here as a member of U-KISS, and now that I'm coming as myself, I'm really happy but nervous at the same time, because I know that my fans have been waiting for me for a long time, and along the way, going through happy, angry, sad and joyful times together with me and supporting me. I really want to come back and perform for everyone. Even if I'm going to be nervous, it's OK la~ I may not be as perfect as Rain or other senior singers yet, but I'm going to do my very best and show you the best side of me, then everyone can sing together, move together with me, and just be absorbed into the whole performance!

For now, I will definitely be visiting Malaysia and Japan. As for the rest, everything is still in planning, so... like I said, I don't want to announce anything that's not confirmed yet because I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I will always be updating everyone if there's any news! Actually, if there's a chance, I would love to go to any Asian country, like the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc. I feel that Malaysia is a really awesome country, I feel comfortable here, also because many people here, like me, also speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese. It is also one of the reasons why Malaysia has been chosen as my first stop, I feel comfortable here.

Going back to the topic of the showcase... Actually, what I want is to do it in a more interesting way, more interaction with my fans. I don't want to just finish singing, and then ending it and saying "byebye", I would like for everyone to have fun, dance together, talk together, play games... so please look forward to it! As for special guests, you'd have to ask my company~Hahahahaha. I would also hope to have (special guests), but now is not the right time. Perhaps in the future if there's a chance, I really would be glad to, like how I'm here in Malaysia with Brian this time, I feel really comfortable. Next time, if there's a chance I would definitely think about inviting special guests!

Xander - First Solo Album to be released digitally

This album will be released digitally, and the style should be a little different I guess~ Like in the past in U-Kiss, the styles are not only tailored to suit every member but also the image of U-Kiss, which is the main focus. As for now, since I am working on my album as myself, I would pick styles that suit me, like fast songs, maybe even some crazy...Haha! I'm at the phase of choosing songs, so we will definitely choose a song that suits me the best, so please anticipate it! I believe that I will not disappoint everyone.

I've actually prepared a lot for this album, because in the past when there were 7 of us, each one of us was responsible for our own part, whereas now after going solo, I have to do everything myself. Hence, I've prepared a lot, especially when it comes to singing. There haven't been many people who have heard me sing previously, since I mostly did the rapping parts, so recently I've been practicing extra hard for singing, as well as dancing. Of course, I have to exercise as well! I mean, it takes a lot of stamina to perform on stage, and I have to take hold of the stage by myself, so I have to learn, and the areas where I have to make up for have grown a lot, so it's definitely tough, but I really hope that my fans will look forward to it! As for the music production, I'm not taking part for the time being, but the company does take note of my opinions, for example the kind of style I like, things like that. They let me be part of the whole process, and let me do the things that I like.

Xander - Wanting to act in an Idol Drama
After the showcase, I'll be starting on other schedules, like if time allows (laugh) I'll also be releasing my single. As for acting, I really want to la~but for now I'm focusing on my solo activities, and maybe after that I would want to try out any kind of acting, especially idol dramas~Wah---I really want to try! You know that even though it's cheesy, it's still enjoyable to watch! (laugh) If in Korea... Honestly, my Korean is still not good (laugh), plus the competition here is fierce, so it's actually quite difficult, but actually I would like to act, and maybe if it's in Taiwan or other countries, it might be easier for me.

Talking about having friends from different countries, wanting to work with them, to crossover, is actually one of my dreams. However, I gotta work even harder (laugh), since I've only just started on my solo, and their careers have already reached a certain level~But, if they're willing, and you guys (fans) are willing, it would be my honour~to be able to work with them, collaborating in music. Plus, it is my dream, and of course I wish it could come true! So can I? Can I? (laugh)

Xander - Actively exercising, not ruling out the possibility of a peek of his figure
Recently I've been exercising, plus having full schedules sometimes gives me a lot of stress, and it's also very tiring, so exercising has become a way for me to release all that stress. Plus you know that guys are very strange... even though exercising is very tough, we really like it~and we really enjoy it (laugh) I also have to work hard on exercising; if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I eat a lot (laugh), so if I don't exercise, I'll put on weight very easily and I'll have a pot belly.

(So for this event, will you consider showing off the results of your exercise?)

Aha~ If the fans scream "Take it off, take it off"... (laugh) But for now no, just take it as my last secret weapon~when the time is right, I will definitely reveal la!

Xander - Busy! Busy! Busy~Waaaaa------


After going back to Korea, I'm going to be verrrrrry busy, and that makes me not want to go back (laugh) It's so scary, there's so many schedules waiting for me, like recording, dance practice, exercise etc. Every day my schedule is like from morning to night, and my Mom is coming to Korea~I have to find time to spend with her, so I'm really busy! Moreover, my solo activities are coming up next, so for the time being I'm always dancing, singing, improving my language, and improving myself. I've also asked Brian for advice, since I'm not familiar with doing solo activities, like how to answer questions, and how I should be like on stage since I'm alone, so on and so forth, especially since you know how I used to be in a group. So... other than seeking my seniors for advice, experiencing it bit by bit myself and getting the hang of it is also very important!

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