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[TRANS] 111022 Hallyu Pia Star Express Interview

'With my talent in languages, I want to promote cultural exchange between Korea and China'

Alexander, who left the group U-Kiss in February, is finally starting his solo activities!
Starting with his showcase in Japan this December, he will continue his activities.

"I'm sorry for making all of you wait so long. Thank you for continuously watching over me and cheering for me! I will finally repay you guys at my showcase in December. As much as you have waited for me, I want to show you a more grown-up side of me and make it a fun event. Please anticipate it!"

Although the news of Alexander's departure from U-Kiss was sudden and out of the blue to his fans, he said that he himself was more affected.

"About that, of course I was upset. (Laughs) It hurt me that I caused such shock to the fans as well. However, I have decided to think of this as a new start in my life. Honestly, I felt really uneasy too, about how the future would be etc. since I would have to do everything on my own from now. Still, thanks to my fans' support, I'm not afraid and I gained strength from them."

Being able to speak so strongly, it shows off his optimistic personality.
He also has the freedom to enjoy time on his own now.

"When I went to Hong Kong the last time and was able to have the entire hotel room to myself, it felt really luxurious. (Laughs) In addition, going out is comfortable too. In the past, because we had so many members, going out could get uncomfortable but being alone now, it's must easier for me to escape! Still, of course it was lonely. Being with the members, we could play together and talk a lot too."

On the other hand, what are the challenging points of being alone?

"The fact that I have to do the things that we used to do as 7 members all on my own now! In a group, there is someone in charge of talking and there are many people who are good in singing. Since I have to handle all these roles on my own now, it's really difficult."

Promoting cultural exchange around the world as a polyglot (someone who is multilingual)!

His naturally bright personality and amiability, which lead him to believing this will change his hardships, are no different from his everyday life.

"I tend to do things sloppily. Moreover, I don't know how to fake my emotions. When I'm excited, my tweets show it and when I feel down, my tweets are depressing too. (Laughs) Usually when I have fun, I do so to my heart's content and when I work, I focus on it. Still, I have a weakness in not being able to stay still. If I remember something I need to do while I am working on something else, I end up getting distracted."

With his strong curiosity and being born in Hong Kong while raised in Macau, Alexander has the talent of being multilingual.

"Macau, where I grew up, has people of many nationalities so from young, I have had friends from different countries. Growing up in such an environment, I experienced a lot of difficulties due to language barriers and so I decided to learn many languages. The best way of studying for me is to talk a lot with the people from that country. For now, I think it's good to listen to other languages through the internet. But honestly, I think the Japanese fans are better in Korean than I am. (Laughs)"

His dream is to promote cultural exchange with his talent in languages.

"My biggest dream is to become someone who can promote cultural exchange between Korea and China. Starting with my showcase in Japan this December, I wish to broaden my promotions and in future, after studying more Japanese, I hope to appear on variety shows in Japan. Personally, like I've seen in animes and dramas, I want to attend Japanese festivals while wearing a Yukata (Japanese garment)."

(*This article was translated from Japanese to Korean to English and may contain instances of mis-translation)

Korean Translations: @Xanderland_Kr
English Translations:
Source: Japanese Magazine "Hallyu Pia" Issue 11/30