Friday, December 23, 2011

[PROJ] 2012 Alexander Calendar - Give Love to Africa Project

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We, at, have produced a 2012 calendar for all of you Xanderettes! This calendar is slightly different from the rest of your desk or wall calendars. It is a pocket calendar that contains 12 cards - 1 for each month! Each card is double sided with Alexander's picture on one side and a calendar on the other (as pictured above). The cards are namecard-sized and will fit in your wallets.

Photos in this calendar are taken by, including unreleased photos. It will consist only of photos from the HK Fanmeeting, 3rd Wave Music Rally in Malaysia and his solo showcase this December. Note that this is unofficial and we are in no way associated with MPlusEntertainment.

ALL earnings from the sales of the calendars will go to the "Horn of Africa Food Crisis" (World Vision) under the name of Alexander! We will send Alexander a calendar too, together with a book describing our charity project and your messages to him for this New Year. Join us to spread the love this New Year~ More details under the cut! You may reply to this post with questions if you have any! (:


- Cover x 1
- Alexander pocket calendar x 12 (1 for each month)
- Unwatermarked picture of Alexander

We will provide free normal postage within Singapore.

To make things easier, it would be good if overseas orders are sent in in bulk. As of today, we are liasing with the following Xanderette communities. If you'd like to join us, do email us at!
Malaysia - @Xanderist_MY
Jakarta, Indonesia -
Philippines - @KissAlexanderPH
Philippines - @AlexanderKISSME
Philippines - @iXANDERettes
Hong Kong - @Xander_HongKong
Japan - @Xanderist_JP
And supporting us in Singapore, 


We will update the post with payment information as well as overseas orders. Do keep an eye on this! :)

  If you would like to place an order now, please visit this page:

World Vision: The Horn of Africa Food Crisis

The Horn of Africa - Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia is experiencing its worst food crisis in 60 years with more than 13 million people in dire need of food aid, caused by the prolonged drought spell. UNICEF estimates nearly two million children are malnourished and nearly 500,000 could die as a result of a lack of food if help does not come any sooner. The predictions for normal rains to arrive is only in early 2012.

Read: for details.

100% of the the donations received for the Horn of Africa food crisis will go towards the emergency relief response. 

100% of the earnings we make from this calendar will go to the Horn of Africa food crisis.

Join us in making a difference - even though it may be small - and send some love to Africa! At the same time, you get meticulously designed Alexander pocket calendars to carry around wherever you go for the whole of 2012! Xanderettes care :D

Note: If you would like to add on in donating a separate amount other than for the cost of the calendar itself, do drop us an email at