Thursday, December 15, 2011

[VOTE] Alexander's "I Just", "Oh Baby" & "Bad Girl" for Malaysian Radio - oneFM Hot20

To recommend "Bad Girl", "I Just", "Oh Baby" for radio: 

Step 1 :: Click on this link

Step 2:: 
Name: (your name) 
Email: (your email) 
Singer's Name: Alexander
Song Title: Bad Girl / I Just / Oh Baby

Fill the form up and click "Send" (: Then refresh and submit the form 2 more times with the next 2 titles. Tune into oneFM Hot20 every Monday ~ Friday between 2-4pm. To listen, just visit and click "listen live". 


Every Monday to Friday, voting will open and close between 12~2pm. You may vote up till 2pm, when the radio show will air from 2~4pm! (: Here's how to vote: 

Go to and the page should be updated with the songs available for voting. Scroll down and look for "Bad Girl", "I Just" and "Oh Baby", then click the "投票" beside them! Keep refreshing and keep voting! The ranking will continue to fluctuate until the voting closes, so FIGHTING XANDERETTES!! 

The voting page should look like this: 

December 14, Wednesday: Oh Baby - #12 
December 15, Thursday: Bad Girl - #11, Oh Baby - #13, I Just - #16
December 16, Friday: Bad Girl - #9

Thank you  &  (Twitter) for the tip! ^-^