Sunday, December 18, 2011

[TRANS] 111218 Fans ask about "first kiss", Alexander: "Not yet la!"

The fans were initially very shy upon meeting their idol, but unexpectedly, once they started talking, they asked, "When was your first kiss?", making Alexander laugh and say, "Not yet la!"

Apart from being here in Malaysia for a solo showcase for the first time, Alexander will also have an intimate meal with Malaysian fans after meeting the press~ The helpless fans were all shy upon meeting their idol, letting Alexander take the initiative to break the ice, firstly removing the table so fans can interact more closely with him. Later, he even presented a cake and celebrated for a fan, and of course, a photo and an autograph are definitely not left out! Look~ Look~ How can fans not love him?! 

Thinking about it, it was quite a "cold" dining atmosphere initially, but with Alexander's "hard work", the fans were finally opening up and starting to talk and interact with him, with one fan unexpectedly asking him when his first kiss was, making Alexander laugh heartily, but still giving the same response that he hasn't given his first kiss to anyone yet! As for why he hadn't updated his Twitter since he arrived in Malaysia, it was because he wasn't able to connect to a wireless connection at the hotel he's staying at, hence causing him, a "I can't not have Twitter!" person, to be unable to update~ So fans, don't be angry okay?

Admitting that in the past, due to U-Kiss having a large number of members, and having full schedules, they had very few chances to be able to be so up close and personal with fans like that, Alexander seems very excited to be able to chat up close and eat together with fans. He not only sincerely asked everyone for their names, but what the fans wanted -- a fulfilling, warm and friendly manner. When the fans asked if he would cook for them, he freely agreed, even making a promise to do so in the following year! Other than this, Alexander also revealed about how matured 30~40 year old female fans call him "Oppa", which although felt a little strange~ but also saying that by calling him "Oppa", it bridges the gap in between them and he feels much closer to fans!