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[SCAN+TRANS] Alexander on epop - Issue #341 (23rd December 2011)

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(Bottom right-hand corner) 
Left photo caption: Alexander's flying kiss, we wonder which lucky fan caught it? 

Alexander sending lots of flying kisses

Alexander's appearance definitely left fans surprised and touched, while his charismatic stage presence made fans unable to resist! Once he appeared, Alexander started off with a dance track, "Bad Girl". While performing his "body wave", he sent shockwaves to fans at both sides of the stage at the same time! Walking to center stage, he often gave winks and smiles to the fans below, leaving fans unable to resist shouting: "(You're) So handsome! So cute!" In addition, when Alexander said that he would be singing the theme song of "Secret Garden", "That Man", the whole audience of fans burst out in screams! Alexander used 4 different languages to greet and wish everyone a Merry Christmas~ He also playfully asked the fans, "Are you coming to my showcase tomorrow?", which sent fans below screaming loudly, while on stage, Alexander showed his affectionate smile once again~ 

(Top Half) 

Alexander finds Malaysia very comfortable! 
Hiding in the washroom to eat durian? 

Alexander, after leaving Korean group U-KISS and going Solo, has finally come to Malaysia to hold his first large-scale showcase and autograph event~ One day prior to the event, Alexander also made time to chat and meet with the press! Having visited Malaysia together with Brian for 3rd Wave's event in October, now he is actually here with his very first single "I Just", but of course, he's equally as happy! Alexander, considered to be a frequent visitor to Malaysia, has actually been here for three times already~ He says that Malaysian fans are very friendly, and him being familiar with various languages, has no problem communicating in Malaysia. Hence, he feels very comfortable being here! 

Coming to promote in Malaysia, of course delicious food is the most important part~ Alexander, who loves to eat, was also asked if he had tried the durian he was unable to eat the previous time, and he embarrassedly laughed, saying "I ate it yesterday~it was during the filming at the TV station, the host of the programme let me try~ Haha! Because the people around me are very afraid of the smell, in the end, I had to hide in the washroom to eat~ Haha!" Other than durian, Alexander also loves to eat satay! 

Recently, the Hallyu Wave is also influencing Western countries, with many Korean singers having concerts in Paris, Europe and etc. So has Alexander, who's in the midst of a promotional tour, thought of performing in these countries? Alexander expresses that he wouldn't mind going to Europe to hold a concert, as long as he is invited to go he would, and it would all depend on the fans' requests~ Indeed, how thoughtful! 

With Christmas coming soon, Alexander has to stay in Korea and spend it with his friends, since his family is in Macau! As for the upcoming year, what plans does he have? Alexander reveals that he would continue doing promotional tours, as well as going to audition for a part in a drama, planning to be part of a drama series! 

When talking about his new works, Alexander says that he had to spend a lot of time to prepare and practice, having to start practicing in the morning all the way to the next, this shows how serious he is about it! 

During the press conference, Alexander was really full of expressions~ and there was no boundary either, the media was able to ask any question they wanted, and he would answer sincerely~ Indeed, he is very humble! 

(Bottom Half)

Alexander teased by a female fan?! 
Doesn't mind a Malaysian girlfriend?! 

Left photo caption: Alexander praises Malaysian fans for being big-hearted, for it is the fans below who encouraged him to hug these lucky fans! 

After going solo from Korean group U-KISS, former member Alexander came, for the third time, to promote in Malaysia, holding his first large-scale showcase and autograph event! At the showcase, Alexander was definitely very sincere, singing a total of 5 songs, including the new songs in his latest single, "Bad Girl", "Oh! Baby", "I Just", as well as a Chinese and a Korean song, theme song from Taiwanese idol drama "Meteor Garden", "Can't Help (Falling in Love)", and theme song from popular Korean drama "Secret Garden", "That Man"! After performing "Can't Help (Falling in Love)", Alexander spoke to the fans in mandarin, saying "I'm really nervous, singing a song in mandarin in front of everyone~", asking fans whether his mandarin was all right? Of course, fans backed Alexander, saying "It's OK!" 

Being pretty gifted with languages, Alexander was also requested by the host to flaunt 7 different languages! Firstly, Alexander asked the fans in Cantonese, "Is there anyone who speaks Cantonese?", and then, "Can you speak Mandarin?", followed by "Do you know speaking in Malay?" in English. Next, in Korean, "Do you know Korean?". Lastly, in Japanese, "Can you speak Japanese?" Indeed, the saying that Alexander can speak 7 languages is true! Alexander said that because fans can even understand 7 different types of languages, there's definitely no need to worry about any language barrier! 

After performing the first song, "Bad Girl", he expressed how happy he was to visit Malaysia again, and that the venue is filled with people, not forgetting to praise the Malaysian fans for their passion! He also playfully asked fans, "You guys are bad girl right?" Alexander said that he had previously held a showcase in Hong Kong, and so he hoped that fans would enjoy the performances that he had prepared for them! When the host asked Alexander what a "Bad Girl" is to him, he laughed, saying "Of course good girls are good, but isn't it often that guys would fall for the bad girl instead? I don't mind a Malaysian girlfriend!" Upon saying this, all the female fans melted! 

Alexander expressed how standing on stage as a solo artist makes him very nervous, as he has to command the stage on his own, and has to talk a lot to the fans. Upon hearing this, fans below the stage, in unison, shouted in Korean, "It's all right! It's all right!". Alexander asked fans in response, "Is it really all right?" Fans all nodded one after another. 

This being a rare visit to Malaysia, naturally Alexander wouldn't leave out games with fans and being up-close and personal! Among the games was one where three lucky fans had to portray 3 different kinds of "Bad Girl": A cute "Bad Girl", a flirty "Bad Girl", and a sexy "Bad Girl". The fan who had to portray a sexy "Bad Girl" was unexpectedly daring, bravely walking up to Alexander who was squatting at the front of the stage, taking off her jacket and wrapping it around his neck in a teasing manner! The girl's actions certainly made fans roar with screams, and leaving Alexander a little "shocked" too, saying "This is the first time I'm being treated by a girl like this!", which sent the whole crowd of fans screaming once again. 

Since 5 songs definitely can't satisfy the fans, they shouted for an encore~ Alexander then performed "Oh! Baby" once again, going to the crowd and handing out posters, driving the crowd wild. He even threw his water bottle to the fans, and of course, the fans took it all! 

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