Sunday, December 18, 2011

[TRANS] 111217 Alexander likes mature girls, doesn't mind older women.

Alexander doesn't like girls who flirt but likes girls who are mature, even exclaming: "I don't mind a relationship with someone older!" 

About to have his first solo showcase in Malaysia, Alexander brought his first solo EP to meet the Malaysian press one day before his performance. When asked about his ideal type, surprisingly Alexander expressed that he thinks girls who love to flirt are "NG" (no good), and says that he likes mature girls, and doesn't mind someone older! 

Starting his solo activities, other than releasing an EP, he revealed that he will be auditioning for a Korean Idol drama, hoping that he will be acting in the future. He also expressed that he would like to take on a challenging role completely different from his personality, and that even if he had to be ugly, he wouldn't mind at all! When asked about whether there's a female actress that he would like to work with, he says Lee Min Jung; because she has a nice personality, it should be quite comfortable to work with her. Even so, he denies that Lee Min Jung is his ideal partner, but if he really would have to choose, he honestly admits that compared to a girl who flirts a lot, he prefers a girl with a mature personality! 

Although having left the group, Alexander teases about when he was in U-Kiss, having an angry image that was akin to "being possessed" due to the strong style of the music. Even so, he still hopes that he would be able to work with U-Kiss again if there's a chance in the future, mainly also because this is what the fans hope to see~ As for Kim Ki Bum who left at the same time as he did, Alexander says that they still keep in touch. He says, "Although he doesn't really reveal what he's busy with, but currently he's active in Japan, he has performances too. If there's a chance to collaborate, it should be very fun." 

As for tomorrow night's first solo showcase in Malaysia, Alexander does not deny how nervous he is, "I've been practicing almost every single day, from being in a group to becoming a solo performer, actually I feel a lot of pressure, but I believe that I can do it." Afterwards, Xander also mentioned how the styles of music he's currently trying out are much closer to his own personality, but he doesn't mind trying out crazy and fun things, "If I have to play handsome, or act cutely, I'm OK too~ Haha" 

Gifted with an excellent linguistic ability, Alexander is proficient in 7 languages. Although his mandarin is a little rocky, he reveals that he will be singing a song in mandarin at his showcase tomorrow night~ As for whether he would release an album in mandarin, he says, "Actually for this EP, I was considering recording songs in mandarin, but due to the lack of time, for now it'll just be only songs in Japanese, Korean and English, but I will definitely try doing mandarin songs in the future!"