Monday, December 19, 2011

[TRANS] 111218 Alexander requested to do a special encore, acting cute, his smile "intoxicating" fans

[Live Showcase] Alexander performed with his own style for the first time in Malaysia, choosing to sing Chinese, English and Korean songs. With the fans' constant screaming for an "encore", Alexander too constantly sent electrifying waves to the fans, also showing the cute side of him from time to time, "intoxicating" the fans and making them go wild. 

Organising a solo ticketed performance for the first time, even though Alexander sang only 5 songs, he specially changed into 4 types of outfits, with Chinese, English and Korean song choices, satisfying the various fans. Singing a mandarin song for the first time, Alexander specially chose 《情非得已》"Can't Help (Falling in Love)", saying: "It's the first time I'm singing a mandarin song, I'm really nervous, how is it? OK? I've given all my 'first times' to here (this showcase)." 

While performing Bad Girl, Alexander constantly charmed the fans, and when asked whether he likes "Bad Girl"s, he said: "Well I don't know, good girls are good, but you know people always say you end up liking someone who's the opposite so…" At the same time, he expresses that he wouldn't mind having a Malaysian girlfriend. In the later performances, Alexander gestured "Yeah" and "Love" with his hands, and "killed" the huge number of female fans in the audience with his smile.

During his solo dance performance, Alexander repeatedly showed his Body Wave move, after which saying: "I've practiced this for many hours, you can train your abs. In the past when I was in U-Kiss, I wasn't very good at dancing, and I would practice against the wall for one to two hours." 

Other than singing, Alexander also specially chose 3 fans to come up on stage and dance, and when the fans below requested for Alexander to give hugs to the fans on stage, he was shocked, saying: "You guys are different, normally when fans see me hug the fans on stage, they'd be speechless." 

The live premiere of Alexander's I Justmusic video was also shown, and when talking about the behind-the-scenes of the music video, Alexander said, "Normally when you film an MV, a day or two is needed, but I took two to three days instead, because I had to record it in different versions with the different languages. Thank you everyone for supporting me since the beginning, and my career isn't over yet, it's only just the beginning!" 

Although only 5 songs were meant to be performed, due to the fans' screaming for an "encore", Alexander returned to the stage with another song after discussing with the staff backstage, even jumping down from the stage and shaking hands with the fans, giving out posters, and even throwing his bottle of water to them. Also, fans who purchased VIP tickets were able to go up on stage at the end for autographs by Alexander, but emphasizing that neither photos nor handshakes were allowed, and that only one autograph would be given, either on the album or on the calendar, fans having to choose one for Alexander to sign on. 

Song List: Bad Girl / 情非得已 Can't Help (Falling in Love) / 그 남자 That Man / Oh! Baby / I Just / Oh! Baby (Encore)