Monday, December 19, 2011

[TRANS] 111219 Alexander 'Big 3' "intoxicates" fans, doesn't mind a Malaysian girlfriend

 At his first performance in Malaysia, with the 'Big 3' *, Alexander "intoxicates" many fans, even adding an "extra", singing one more song for the fans. Indeed, he gives the Malaysian fans extra love! No wonder he says he doesn't mind having a Malaysian girlfriend!

Since leaving U-KISS, this is Alexander's first time performing as a solo artiste with a large scale showcase in Malaysia. Even though he sang only 5 songs for the night, these songs included songs in Chinese, English and Korean. Also, he had outfit changes 5 times, isn't that sincere! Thinking about it, while he was singing 《情非得已》/ Can't Help (Falling in Love), despite having a slight mistake due to perhaps being not too familiar with the lyrics, and glancing at the monitor for help, he added a short 2 lines of Rasa Sayang》*, as a way of perhaps making up for the small mistake. As for the fans, they were completely into it, bursting into screams, which made Alexander smile so wide you couldn't see his eyes, and then saying how he has given all his "first times" to Malaysia! 

Thinking about it, for Korean stars who come to Malaysia to do a ticketed event, other than presenting their songs, hugs and affection aren't lacking as well, and of course Alexander is no exception! During the games segment, Alexander generously gave hugs, and surprisingly the fans who weren't on stage were not only not jealous, but even encouraged Alexander to hug the ones who were, making Alexander praise the Malaysian fans for having not only passion but also big hearts! Amongst the fans playing the games onstage was also a fan from Singapore. Coming overseas to see her idol and being able to go onstage for games must be really satisfying! 

For tonight's performance, after displaying his dance skills, he revealed that he initially had problems with the Body Wave, and that in the past when he was in U-KISS, he had to practice against the wall everyday for 1-2 hours. Even so, he laughed saying that it was because of this that he could train his figure, teasing the fans by pulling up his T-Shirt a little. Of course, even with that action, he didn't reveal anything~ Indeed, he is an idol star! Although he didn't reveal any skin, he of course gave Malaysian fans a lot of fan service, saying that other than having the first premiere of I JustMV in Malaysia at the showcase, he even pushed to add an additional song at the end, only for the Malaysian fans~ Talking about the filming process for the MV, Alexander expressed that he had a total of 3 days worth of filming, due to the the song having different versions due to the different languages. He says that it's a love song to the fans, thanking them for their support all this while! 

This event was close to about two hours, and other than singing and dancing, Alexander never forgot to charm his fans with cute expressions and actions, nearly causing all his fans to melt~ the screams never ceasing! With a cute personality, when being asked whether he likes bad girls, he laughs saying that of course he likes girls with good personalities, but somehow guys always fall for the bad girls! 

In addition to this, Alexander admits that he actually anticipated for only half of the crowd to turn up, and when he saw that the entire area was full of fans, he felt very touched, and in return, giving his fans lots of love; during the encore song, he even ran down from the stage, coming close to the fans and shaking their hands, giving out posters, and also throwing his water bottle to them, causing a moment of commotion below the stage. During the autograph segment, although fans were not allowed to have handshakes or take photos, and were only allowed 1 autograph each; either on the album or on the calendar. However, as Alexander promised that he wouldn't leave till he finished signing autographs for everyone, we believe that the fans didn't mind it at all! 

*'Big 3': It's a play on Alexander's name in Chinese (山大) with the "山" having a similar sound to the number 3, and "大" meaning 'big'. 
*'Rasa Sayang': It's a Malay folk song that's popular in Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.