Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[PICS] I Just... Wanna Love You! Project

Total amount raised: SGD$271

A big thank you to all the Xanderettes who contributed to the fansupport, no matter how small or big your contribution was. Every cent was appreciated!!^^ 

We apologise for the lack of many pictures, because we were too busy running around and forgot to take lots of pictures T_T 

13 cups of medium KOI Cafe Icecream Bubble Tea: $37.70
Snacks (biscuits, chocolate, local snacks etc.): $45.75
Drinks (isotonic, rootbeer, icelemontea): $9.75
Plain white T-Shirt from Giordano: $18.00
Materials for message book: $8.75
Printing of fanchants (130 copies): $14.50
Printing of "Just Be Happy" banners (120 pieces): $120

Remaining fund: $16.55

This remaining fund will be given to Xanderland_KR who is organising Alexander's birthday party which will be held on 21st July!^^ 

Just to note, here are also the details for the one-way transportation of the bus from the fanmeet venue to Caldecott Broadcast Centre: 

45-seater bus: SGD$120 + 7% GST = SGD$128.40
13-seater van: SGD$70 + 7% GST = SGD$74.90 
Total: SGD$203.80
Each person: ~SGD$3.60

Thank you so much for your support and we hope that you enjoyed yourself!!^^