Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[PROJ] I Just... Wanna Love You!

The Video: 

Alexander's reaction: 

Thanks everyone for making this project a success!! Although it wasn't perfect, but we hope you enjoyed giving Alexander a surprise!!^^ :D 

:: This project is open to everyone, not just Xanderettes in Singapore ::
:: You can choose to do 1 part, or 2, or all 3! ::
:: DATELINE - 10TH JULY 2012 ::

We will be making another video which will be screened for Alexander during his fanmeet in Singapore! If you have not pre-ordered tickets to this event yet, do so here: http://www.xanderettes.net/p/pre-order-alexander-fm-in-singapore.html

Alexander will see this video during the fanmeeting in Singapore...

And... We want YOU to be part of it! 



"I Just" Music Video (Xanderettes Version)

Due to time constraints, we are dropping this segment of the project. Do join Parts 2, 3 & 4!!^^


Hearts for Alexander

Send in a picture of yourself making a heart for Alexander, but remember to SHOW YOUR FACE! Please take your picture in a landscape format, not portrait. See example. One picture per person (: Send your picture to xanderettes1.0@gmail.com





What Alexander Means to Me... in 10 Words

Send in a short video of yourself describing what Alexander means to you, in 10 words or less! 

Upload your video to MediaFire and send us an email (xanderettes1.0@gmail.com) with the download link to your video (: 


To Alexander... 

Send in your messages to Alexander to be included in a special message book that will be given to him! Do keep your messages within 100 words, and send them to us via email (xanderettes1.0@gmail.com) and entitle it "To Alexander Message" 

If you are attending the Fan Meeting...

You can also opt to HANDWRITE/DRAW your messages. (We prefer this too!) Just look for us on the days of the fansign & also the fanmeeting! We will be lurking around somewhere ;D

We look forward to your amazing videos & messages!! Be a part of making this a success and show Alexander all the L.O.V.E!!^^

Questions may be posted as comments to this thread, or @mention us on Twitter!