Saturday, October 27, 2012

[INFO] Ignite Love Charity Concert - Malaysia

Date: 1 December 2012
Time: 4PM & 8PM
Where: Grace Convention Centre, Mayang Plaza, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

Note: There are 2 different seating plans

A) Front seat (limited seat) - Contribution will be RM80 each. 

B) Normal Seat - Contribution will be RM35 each.

For more information please contact:

PD Beanz : 03-6206 2388 or 03-2300 3358

Email to: or

First 1,000 tickets will get to be part of the AUTOGRAPH SESSION with Alexander & Brian! 

Don't miss this! ^-^

Credits :: PD Beanz Facebook Page

This event is organised by Grace Community Services (GCS) and PD Beanz Entertainment. GCS was formed as was formed with the primary objectives to generate community care, support and voluntary participation in programs, activities and services for people with special needs. GCS cares for the underprivileged. 

The theme of this concert is "birth right", the right to give birth and the right to be born. Ignite love this December!