Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[INFO] Be an Official Xanderette! -

Want to access EXCLUSIVE videos & photos of Alexander? Want to be part of special LIVE CHAT sessions with Alexander himself? Want to receive a cool membership card of Xanderland? All this and more at

All you have to do is to click "Register" and fill up the form, and PD Beanz will contact you shortly after with more details. Membership is open internationally. 

Special for Xanderland Members: 
  • USD10 Annual Membership
  • Membership card (with your name written by Alexander, and signed) 
  • Exclusive access to Message Board (where live chats, discussion etc. takes place) 
  • Exclusive access to gallery, schedule
  • Access to exclusive videos from Alexander himself! 
  • Access to occasional special contests with exclusive items, etc.  

Alexander personally signing the first batch of membership cards... Over 2 hours!! 

What are you waiting for? Become an Official Xanderette today!^^ 


Q: So what happens after I fill up the registration form on the website?
A: PD Beanz will contact you soon after and provide you with the payment details to complete the membership. After payment, PD Beanz will then email you your password (which is not changeable), and you will be able to log on and access all sections of from then.

Q: Who is PD Beanz?
A: They are the ones who are running for you! They are also in-charge of all of Alexander's activities in Southeast Asia, except for Singapore. They are based in Malaysia.

Q: If I don't live in Malaysia, how do I make payment?
A: Payment will be via bank transfer, but if you live overseas, you may ask PD Beanz if they offer an alternate method of payment. You may also approach Jessie from (@Xanderist_MY) on Twitter for help.

Q: How long does my membership last?
A: A year. You will need to renew it when 1 year is up!

Q: What does "IC" mean on the registration form?
A: It's asking for your identification number.

Q: Why can't I access the message board for the live chat?
A: Your membership needs to be verified in order for you to access the message board as well as the rest of the other sections. You will need to make payment and PD Beanz will have to verify it before they issue you your password to log onto the website. You will probably have to miss out on the upcoming live chat session, but no fret! Alexander will always do more live chats in the future :D

PD Beanz
Twitter: @Soya_Beanz

If you have a question and it's not within the Q&A, feel free to leave a comment below and we'll do our best to answer it! (: