Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[PROJ] Alexander's Solo Debut 1st Year Anniversary! ❤

Message Photobook
(Open to International Fans)

The message book has been successfully passed to Alexander! :) He says thank you!


To thank you guys for your participation, @Xanderland_KR has nicely put up this specially autographed album for a giveaway! One of you lucky participants who have also trended #XANDER1ST on Twitter will receive this exclusive album! :D

We will announce the winner on Twitter as soon as we can, so do follow us on Twitter! (@xanderettes_net) & (@Xanderland_KR) 

DATELINE: 24 November 2012

*POPS CONFETTI* It has been a year!! Congratulations Alexander^^ Why 9th December 2011? Alexander officially made his solo debut through a showcase in Japan on this date! To celebrate the 1st Solo Debut Anniversary for Alexander, we will be having some activities, do anticipate them! (:

First of all...

Yes, it's the good old classic message book! We are working with ♔ Xanderland Korea ♔ for this project, and we will compile pictures of Alexander from 9th December 2011 till today. Accompanying these pictures will be your amazing messages of encouragement/inspiration/anything you want to tell Alexander + your favourite picture of Alexander!

♔ Rules  
- 1 message per person
- 1 picture of Alexander per person
- Include your NAME, COUNTRY, and your Twitter name if you'd like
- Message should not exceed 100 words/characters
- You can use any language you want
- No profanity or inappropriate content

♔ To join 
- Leave your message as a comment on this post, along with the link of your chosen picture of Alexander


- If you'd like to keep it private or because you are *shy*,

 Email us your message & picture (xanderettes1.0@gmail.com), entitle it "Anniversary Message"

e.g. of message: 

Happy 1st Anniversary Alexander!! 
etc etc etc. 

            - YOUR MESSAGE - 


Your name (@yourtwittername) 

That's how simple it is! For fans in Korea, please refer to ♔ Xanderland Korea ! Also, if you haven't, do follow @Xanderland_KR on Twitter! (: