Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[PROJ] Alexander's Solo Debut 1st Year Anniversary! ❤

Message Photobook
(Open to International Fans)

The message book has been successfully passed to Alexander! :) He says thank you!


To thank you guys for your participation, @Xanderland_KR has nicely put up this specially autographed album for a giveaway! One of you lucky participants who have also trended #XANDER1ST on Twitter will receive this exclusive album! :D

We will announce the winner on Twitter as soon as we can, so do follow us on Twitter! (@xanderettes_net) & (@Xanderland_KR) 

DATELINE: 24 November 2012

*POPS CONFETTI* It has been a year!! Congratulations Alexander^^ Why 9th December 2011? Alexander officially made his solo debut through a showcase in Japan on this date! To celebrate the 1st Solo Debut Anniversary for Alexander, we will be having some activities, do anticipate them! (:

First of all...

Yes, it's the good old classic message book! We are working with ♔ Xanderland Korea ♔ for this project, and we will compile pictures of Alexander from 9th December 2011 till today. Accompanying these pictures will be your amazing messages of encouragement/inspiration/anything you want to tell Alexander + your favourite picture of Alexander!

♔ Rules  
- 1 message per person
- 1 picture of Alexander per person
- Include your NAME, COUNTRY, and your Twitter name if you'd like
- Message should not exceed 100 words/characters
- You can use any language you want
- No profanity or inappropriate content

♔ To join 
- Leave your message as a comment on this post, along with the link of your chosen picture of Alexander


- If you'd like to keep it private or because you are *shy*,

 Email us your message & picture (xanderettes1.0@gmail.com), entitle it "Anniversary Message"

e.g. of message: 

Happy 1st Anniversary Alexander!! 
etc etc etc. 

            - YOUR MESSAGE - 


Your name (@yourtwittername) 

That's how simple it is! For fans in Korea, please refer to ♔ Xanderland Korea ! Also, if you haven't, do follow @Xanderland_KR on Twitter! (:


  1. Happy 1st anniversary Alexander! ^_^

    Don't even know what to say... xD
    Hope you're doing fine!
    Jeg elsker deg ^_^ (I love you in Norwegian)

    - June Kristin
    Twitter : Jun3awzme

  2. Congratz with your 1st anniversary Xander!
    You're doing great, keep it up!
    Much love from The Netherlands!
    Succes/good luck! :D

    -Rachel Vos
    Twitter; @RachPayne


  3. Hi! Xander, happy 1st anniversary!!!!!!!!
    you´re a beautiful person, is good to know that
    in the world there is someone like you.
    I love you,forever I´ll support you <3
    God bless you!!!!



  4. Happy 1st anniversary Alexander! ^_^

    You're a great person i know make us laugh with you act and your word make us happy and smile i always support you xander oppa fighting (I love you in Brunei)

    - Erah
    Twitter : HyeRin_208

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  6. Jesteś wspaniałą osobą z poczuciem humoru. Chciałabym iść na twój koncert i zobaczyć Cię na żywo.


  7. Hi Alexander! Happy 1st anniversary!
    Your smile makes me smile when I'm sad and your voice can change my ideas when I don't feel good.
    I hope you'll come to Quebec one day. Je t'aime beaucoup et tu es très important pour moi! (''I love you very much and you are really important for me'' in french)

    -Abigaël Massey

  8. Alexander, Happy anniversary!!!!! :D <3 I know is late, sorry :)
    My name is Ana C. and I´m from México,for me it´s dificult to know what is going on the K-Pop world, there are a few things that really sorprise me... is a kind of hard to tell which are. I´m happy because I thought you were not going to continue performing, now I know reality is totally different. Good luck on everything you done, I´ll support you until you don´t want to perform anymore.

    <3 Twitter :anatrazz

  9. Happy 1st anniversary Alexander ! ^-^
    you can never imagine how many stories,feelings & love are hidden under just one supporting massege
    i support you :) nothing,nobody & not ever time will ever change that <3
    (love you in IRAN)
    - Fateme


  10. Sawatdee Ka ! Happy 1st anniversary Alexander oppa ^-^
    I really love your smile oppa. It makes me happy when I look at you.
    มีความสุขมากๆนะคะ ขอให้ oppa ให้ความสุขกับพวกเราไปตลอดนะคะ อย่าลืม ยิ้มบ่อยๆนะคะ ^^
    Chan Rak Khun ! I love you Alexander (Love U in Thailand)

    - Pawanrut Khlaisuwan (Aommy)
    Twitter: @AOMMY_0827


  11. Happy 1st Anniversary Bro!~ Waah! I miss your laugh,smile,and everything about you! Always pray and be happy^ You'll always be the most elegant monkey in the planet!(that's a compliment). Looking forward to see you soon!^
    = Only_Kevinwoo91 (Philippines)

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  13. Happy 1st Anniversary Dear~we all proud to u :) really we miss ur Smile ^^
    Please tweet more~Ok?!!! kekeke :D anyway~cuz in this way u can share ur pain or problems w/us :) I alway pray GOD 4 u to be healthy & successful in all ur life :)
    LOVE u so much~fighting^^
    A little Xanderett from Iran, Shiva7045.

  14. Happy 1st Anniversary Alexander! Please know that we Xanderettes will always be here to support you and love you no matter what. You’ll always be my inspiration in doing my best. Please tweet more too. We miss your adorable smile and laugh. Hope to hear it soon.  Hope you enjoy what you do and please visit Philippines soon! Hehe. Miss ka na namin dito. <3 사랑해오빠


    Belle Barrios, Philippines (@ELF_hyukbelle)

  15. Hi Alexander! Happy first Anniversary Alexander! I hope many people from Malaysia give you many more message.
    Your picture that I like is your own Twitter at https://twitter.com/alexander_0729

  16. Alexander oppa!! ^0^ happy 1th anniversary!! i hope you'll come to indonesia and i hope you'll be u-kiss member again!

    Fighting oppaa!! Saranghaee <3

    from : (@minsaicoHJ_0729)

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  18. Hola Alexander!I'm Mexican Xanderette.
    Happy 1st anniversary!You're a great person,your smile and your laugh is very very CUTE!
    God bless your family and you!! :D
    Te quiero mucho!

    Alice~ (@_Likethis_)

  19. Hi!feliz primer aniversario y deseo con todo el corazón pasar mas a su lado... siempre sonría con amor desde Mexico.
    http://sdjump.blogspot.mx/2011/12/alexander-ex-u-kiss-lanzo-su-primer.html (@OyKaryB)

  20. Happy 1st Anniversary! MY BIG LOVE FiGHTING!
    I will never change, support and love u 4ever!
    I know sometimes u feel tired, but never give up,cuz u know that Xanderettes will beside and love u ^^
    Always smile, because when u smile, I will smile, when u cry, I will cry
    God Bless ma boy!
    @Trangsugar from Vietnam

  21. Feliz 1er aniversario! Tu te mereces esto y más, mucho más, siempre me sacas una sonrisa. Gracias!


    Jennifer Lopez Avelino @MisayamiKissMe

  22. Hi Alexander
    Happy 1st anniversary ! ^-^
    I admire you and your smile bright and I wish you continued success

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  24. xander,you inspire me and encourage me with your strength. keep being as sweet as you are and remember that xanderettes love you!~ happy anniversary!~


  25. Xander congrats on one year keep up the great work, keep smiling and, remember we love you <3
    i love you!!!!!!!

    twitter @alaina_love1

  26. Hey Alexander oppa! It's been a year since your solo debut so I hope you have loads of fun so far <3 Always keep smiling and laughing, don't lose them okay? Their your trademark :D SARANGHAE <3 *hugs and kisses*

    Liana Villadores
    Sunny sunshine Singapore!
    No twitter sorry >//<
    http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp357/merjoicecute/UKISS/alex-aa.jpg <--- My chosen pic :)

  27. Happy 1st Anniversary Alexander!!
    Hola, te escribe una loca fan desde Perú, para desearte toda la suerte del mundo en tu carrera como solista. Que sean muchos años más y ojala visites Perú ♥, Bendiciones :)


    Alesandra / Lima- Perú

    Twitter :@alessa12

  28. CONGRATS ON YOUR 1ST YEAR! You have been a great, amazing and inspirational person in my life. Hope you see more from you in the near future. And I'm still waiting until you come to America lol. Much love!!!^_^


  29. I could never complete the words to say how happy I am that we are celebrating your first year as solo artist. I'm glad that you are now where you are and that I'm part of this. Let's be togther for the next infinite years, till the end with you my Dear Xander.
    I love you too much♥
    Smile for ever

    Alix your Xanderette from Mexico :) Hope you remember me @aiag8

    Impossible to choose one but I loved this

  30. Happy 1st year! *big hug* GRACIAS XANDER you changed a lot of things in my life even without knowing us! I really wish you more new projects and success in your life! Let's fighting together! TE AMO Xandercito! Dios Te Bendiga^^❤!

    Stephanie Vélez/Mexico/@XanderettesMex


  31. Happy 1st anniversary!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and all your fans!! Thanks to you my days are brighter and full of hope and smiles! I really hope to meet you one day so I can tell you all this and more. I love you!!! I wish you all the luck in the world. Te amo~~♥



  32. Happy first year anniversarayeeeeeeee, bad boy Xander! ㅊㅋㅊㅋ! I'm so proud of you! The last year might be tough and all (with those workouts sans the bubble tea) but hey, with God's guidance, you've made it! Always supporting you! Hope to see more smiles and laughter this year heeeeee~ Here's to more awesome and blessed years to come! 화이팅! Do visit Singapore soon :D

    With tons of love and durians,
    @ShirlyCL, Singapore


    As much as I really like your songs, please RAP again OK!!
    "check the way that you speak and the way you sound, being like a freak invading my soul~~"
    You have no idea how much I like that line ^O^
    And please perform Kimchi song more often :DDD
    Well, hope you get to star in the drama you'd mentioned previously!
    Definitely anticipating works from you! GAYAU LA~~

    - Guean, Singapore

  34. Happy 1st anniversary!
    You've made it this far~ I'm proud of you for that, and also for always staying strong and standing up for what you believe in. It gives me strength, too. ;)
    Looking forward to all your future projects! I'll always be here to support you, no matter what~ 화이팅!
    사랑해용~ ♥

    - Nazlah (@nazlahhhh), Singapore


  35. Pic: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md2tqvqhNF1rcjt3xo6_500.jpg

    9.12.2011 until 9.12.2012!
    You started to walk in a hard road, but you did it! One year of successful solo singer life. Happy 1st Anniversary. We'll keep supporting you forever. Hope you have more successful years ♥~ Don't forget that you're strong and you can make your way to be a top singer. Love ya! Saranghanmida oppa ♥

    - Rose
    Twitter: rose_0621

  36. Dear Xander,
    It's been a year since your debut!
    I'm happy for what you have achieved as a solo artist. I am very proud of what you have become today.
    I hope you don't lose your faith. Just don't give up, Xander! I always love you! Remember that you have a special place in my heart <3 :'D

    -Kyla (@yuqiss_), Philippines


  37. Happy anniversary Alexander! Keep doing what you do because you inspire me to be a better me each day.
    Love and hugs

  38. สู้ๆ! สู้ตายนะตัวเทอ!! (^^m!!
    (มานี่มา เดี๋ยวเค้าจะสอนเทออ่าน ฮ่าๆๆๆ~)


  39. Hello, Alexander oppa!^^ Congratulations for making it this far. So many things that have happened in the past year and they were all blessings from The Most High. I know that you are always trying to do your best in every single way. Keep striving, keep fighting, keep smiling. Whether you're on your UPS, DOWNS or even on the SIDES, we will always be right here for you. You know we will! :) If you can't push it alone, we'll push it together. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU OPPA! HWAITING! Ganbatte ne!

    ♥, Joanna, Philippines

  40. Hola Alexander, te saludo de Guatemala, quiero decirte que que tienes un gran corazón, te Admiro como person y de cómo luchas por tus sueños a pesar de las dificultades. Espero que tengas muchos éxitos todos tus proyectos, que este primer año sea el inicio para muchos más llenos de proyectos nuevos. Eres una gran persona que se merece lo mejor a pesar de la distancia, has robado muchos corazones eso te hace especial pues aun te extraño en Ukiss; te quiero, te admiro, espero que tengas muchos triunfos, aaa y eres muy guapo y lindo me gusta verte sonreir


    Angela Con, guatemala ( @ anguiestel)

  41. Dear Alexander, can't believe it's already been a year since your solo debut! Anyway, you just need to know, that as a Xanderette, i love you forever, no matter what! Please continue working hard, and leave the rest to God! Take good care of yourself, that's most important!

    Love, your Xanderette, Caroline from Denmark (please come visit if you have the time)! Alexander oppa fighthing! <3