Sunday, December 9, 2012

[♔#1] Introduction + 1st Round! #XANDER1ST

Hi! Welcome to the very first ever Xander Games! What's going to happen is this:

There are a total of 11 QUESTIONS & 12 ROUNDS where you will be led through a trip down memory lane with Alexander. You will have to answer each question correctly to proceed successfully to the next round. You will reach 12 different places, and this is what you will have to do:
  • After answering a question correctly, you will be directed to the next round! Every round has a title that looks like this: "[♔#n] Nice People Have Nice Smelling Farts" Copy this title that starts and tweet it to us (@xanderettes_net) 
  • Continue to do this for all 11 questions in sequence, & enjoy the memories! 
  • Those who tweet us a complete entry (with all 11 different titles) will stand a chance to win something exclusive from Alexander himself!
  • This game is open for playing from 10pm KST onwards! The final winner will be announced on the 10th December, at 10pm KST! 
  • Note: The Twitter names of all who've submitted complete entries will be dropped into a randomizer and a random winner will be picked :) 
  • You will have to be following us (@xanderettes_net) on Twitter to qualify
For example, this post you're reading right now is Round 1. So, tweet us this:

@xanderettes_net: [♔#1] Introduction + 1st Round! #XANDER1ST

We will be keeping track of each and every participant, so don't even think about cheating! Every round is HIDDEN, so you will have to play the game fair and square in order to get the correct titles IN SEQUENCE for all 12 rounds.

Another example: 

QUESTION 20: Who is Alexander? 
(Click on your chosen answer)  
A: He is my friend.
B: He is an alien. 
After you click the CORRECT answer, you will be directed to something with a title that looks like this: 
[♔#1] I Love Rocky Road #XANDER1ST 
 So, just copy the above title and tweet it to us! Every round will be the same to avoid any confusion (: 

Without further ado... We present to you... The Xander Games.