Monday, January 28, 2013

130128 3 Peas In A Pod - XINMSN Email Interview

In a separate e-mail interview with xinmsn, Xander revealed that his most important task now is to build up a muscular body for his role. “It’s really hard because it’s so cold in Korea right now. When it’s cold, you naturally want to eat a lot, not exercise, not move and just ‘hibernate’I n your warm bed. But thanks to everyone’s high expectation for the movie, I’m doing my best now and keeping a healthy low-fat diet, and visiting the gym more than any time of my life.”

He also shared his excitement to work with Calvin, who had an earlier debut in showbiz with Fahrenheit. Xander said, “Back then he was a star to me, now he is my senior. It is definitely an honour for me to collaborate with him this time. Fahrenheit has actually worked with different K-Pop stars like Zhoumi from Super Junior M, ZEA, etc. I heard from them that Calvin is really humble and friendly. So knowing that I'm working with at least two nice people, I'm already less nervous and SUPER excited to meet them. Can't wait for it indeed.”

Source: XINMSN