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[INTV] 130121 Alexander on MyPaper (我报)

Korean Idol Star Alexander Attends Fitness Classes for Michelle Chong

Korean idol star Alexander will be starring in "3 Peas In A Pod", a film directed by Michelle Chong, and obliged this email interview. He talks about his feelings of being on the big screen for the first time, as well as his unforgettable memories of college days. 

Q: Director Michelle Chong mentioned about wanting you to work out and build up your body more. Have you started going for fitness classes? How's it so far? 

A: Michelle Chong revealed to the public about wanting me to work out, which makes me nervous, because my fans on Twitter keep leaving me messages saying they can't wait to see my "sexy body" and "six-pack abs". The pressure is high for me, because I can't let everyone down. I've started to attend fitness classes, and I really enjoy it, just that the training is tough and I can't help but T^T. 

Q: Have you approached experienced actor friends for advice? 

A: Previously during an event I attended last month, I met senior Lee Jung Jae. I told him I'm going to be starring in a movie for the first time, and asked him for some advice. He was really friendly, and shared some of his experience with acting, and even taught me how to relax. 

Q: How does your character (Peter) in the film contrast to yourself? 

A: Well, the biggest difference is that he is an extremely wealthy person and I'm not. But actually, there's a lot that we have in common too. For example, we both tend to keep our personal thoughts and feelings to ourselves. 

Q: The film revolves around the lives of three college students, how about sharing some unforgettable college memories of your own? 

A: I studied in California, and there were many unforgettable memories. For example, I went to San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge with my friends and counted down to the New Year. The most memorable thing for me is that one time when I actually overslept for an exam, and I ran about 1km from home to school. I never thought that I could run that fast, and thankfully I made it in time. On top of that, I scored an A! 

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