Thursday, February 14, 2013

130214 Dating 101 with celebrities - XINMSN Interview

When did you have your first date? 
Honestly, I never went on an official date but maybe… a puppy love date when I was in middle school (13 to 15 years old).

How did you ask her out?
Shame on me but I never asked or was asked out on a date. Indeed it's hard to tell because in Korea, most people use the word 'date' even just for a normal friend-to-friend meeting. So maybe when someone actually dated me, I just treated it as a normal hangout. But that's good because sometimes I abuse the word 'date' when I'm secretly having a crush.

What happened during the date?
It was a group date and we went ice skating. It was pretty much childish and felt like a normal hangout day with friends, just dressing up a little bit more than usual. Too young to know about love and dating yet

Lesson(s) learned: I kind of regretted not dating when I was younger (like in high school) because now, it seems like I can’t really date freely. But right now, I'm not really into love because I find my work/dream more important. Valentine's Day annoys me since I'm single, but hopefully someday I could truly experience true Valentine's Day.

Interview Credits :: XINMSN
Picture Credits :: Alexander