Saturday, March 2, 2013

[FANSUPPORT] 3 Peas In A Pod: Part 1.1

(sing along to the tune of gogo power rangers ♫)

Part 1.1 of the project is very simple and it'll be nice if as many fans as possible (you! reading this!) take part :-) We'll simply be collecting encouraging messages from Xanderettes all over the world and compiling them for Alexander to bring to Australia. Please keep your messages short and simple so that he can read them on the go! 

All messages are to be left as comments to this post ⇟⇟⇟

Please do so by Saturday, 2nd March 2013

Thank you ♡

P.S. This Part 1.1 project will also be funded by donations collected^^


  1. Hello Alexander!!! I know the movies gonna b a big hit... work hard nd enjoy it... all xanderettes r suppoting u... we love u saranghe. Fighting ^^

  2. Alexander~♥ You go boy, everything is gonna go smoothly and amazingly and perfect like such a great person like you deserves. Love you and I will always support you all the way from Mexico cuz you have fans all over the world who love you lots.

  3. Hi, Xander ♡ You're doing well! I'm really proud of you. Much love from Morocco. Show the world what a beautiful place Xanderland is. Thank you for your persistence and courage.

  4. Hey Xander! How are you doing? Much love from Morocco. Fighthing~

  5. Hey Xander ,We love you and we'll support you no matter what ! Stay strong and healthy , much love from Morocco <3

  6. Xander Oppa!!! I just want to give you some love, encouragement and support. I hope you do well with this movie. 3 peas in a pod fighting!!! Alexander fighting!!! Much love from Jamaica :) Stay strong oppa <3

  7. Hello Xander oppa~ Maybe it will be hard to be in a movie but I know you will do it well! Si tu veux, tu peux! If you want, you can! And don't forget: Xanderettes all around the world are always there for you~ <3 Fighting!
    Love from Quebec~

  8. Dear Xander, its me Yaquelin xD! tu fan número uno de Venezuela♥!I love you. I would like to say this to you so many times, but sadly we’re really far. Someday I’ll meet you and that day will be one of the happiest days in my life. I’ll try hard to be able to go to Korea to meet you. I’ll promise. You just have to promise me that you’ll stay healthy till that day.

  9. Hello Xander~
    Its been awhile you've had any schedules of promoting yourself through music & etc. This time, you finally did something, and its a huge thing that you're gonna be the lead in this movie,i wish you all the best in this Journey & i'll be constantly praying for you :)
    God Bless <3
    -Lee Jiaen Joan

  10. ayo ayo alexandeyo! you are now a magical pea!!! \o/ dude goodluck on your acting and body building xD SURPRISE US....yes?! loljk~ i know you'll work hard on it and do your best.. wishing you all the best! AJA!!!! :)

    -Macq from AlexanderKISSME ^^

  11. Hey Xander!
    Congrats on being the male lead of the movie!
    Xanderettes are really looking forward to see you act on the big screen. It might be difficult & tiring during this process, but never forget that we are supporting you!
    All the best for your upcoming movie :D

    -Qi xuan ; many love from Sg ~

  12. Hello xander^^ congratulation for your 1st movie ( i say its 1st coz i hope there any 2nd, 3rd ,...)
    we all know its not easy but we also know you can do it and one thing you have to remember that We (ur xanderettes) will always supporting you and never leave you alone.


  13. hey xander~ congrats on your 1st movie! we xanderettes are really proud of u. we know that u will continue to work hard and achieve success in the future!~ we love you and we will always be by your side and cheering you on!!

  14. Hey xander ! Wow movie eyy.. this is hug!! Good luck hope it get alot of good review .hwaiting!

  15. Hello Xander~^^
    I want you to take care of yourself during filming. 健康第一!!
    Please come to Japan for the promotion of 3Peas!(´・ω・`)ノ


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  17. Xander, our man! This is the beginning of your new journey and if you look back, there's a long trail of people who continuously love and support you already as you embark in this voyage. Looking at the end of that trail, those will be the positions that will soon be filled by more people who will support you endlessly. Congratulations on your first movie and I wish you all the luck in filming!
    God bless,
    Dominique, California

  18. Congrats on the movie, I wish you all the best. I love you, waiting the day til you come to America fighting!! :)

    Monique, USA-Missouri

  19. Xander~♡
    Woow! Acting as one of the male lead huh? Wish you good luck & hope everything goes well!!^^ Think of Xanderettes when things get tough alright?! Cuz we're always here cheeeing you on! 산더 화이팅!


  20. Hi Xander! :D Wow~ congrats on your first movie! Woohoo! So excited! Nervous? ^^ Don't worry, we know you'll do well! Gogogo! Just remember that we're always here to support you in everything you do! More projects to come!!! Fighting! and Godbless~ ❤

    - April from Philippines.

  21. Wassupyo xD Good luck for your upcoming movie Xander^^, without doubt, it'll definitely be great ! I'm sure you're as excited as us^^ Have a safe trip !

    Loves from Singapore :-)

  22. Hey Xander! Hope that you will have a successful year, starting with the movie that you are starring in. I guess someone is a movie star now. :) God bless and hwaiting!


  23. annyeong xander!!! gud luck 4 u~~ i'm always support u!!! (malaysia)

  24. Xander~
    So happy for u lah! U can do it! All the best for your movie filming! Hope it will be a great success! 我们挺你!Fighting! <3
    -Euginmasu (SG)

  25. Xander oppa congratulation for your 1st movie!!! *I'm so glad*
    We will keep support you no matter what happened , We will still trust and love you
    Because we're xanderettes >_<
    I'm really proud of you XANDER
    Remember You're the best one in my heart. No matter what i'll always support you everything!

  26. Xander oppa...congratulations on your very first movie!! Xanderettes' support for you is always 100%! You will always shine! Good luck!! <3 from the U.S!!

  27. “Everything you do is bound to come back to you.”
    You pour your heart and soul into everything you do and give all you can to your fans. The Lord will bless selflessness with a spectacular many-fold return!
    Keep strong and God bless!

  28. Hi Xander ! ^^
    i think u r worried & excited !
    don't be nervous & just do your best !
    hope that the best events happen to u & end this filming successfully ^^
    Good luck !!

  29. Hi Xander! =)
    Congrats on your first movie male lead role! All your hard work will benefit you! Don't worry & just do your best! You can do it! 화이팅! ^^ Hopefully you & Xanderettes will have a chance to watch "3 Peas in a Pod" together! Take care in Australia! Peace~

    Amelia from Singapore

  30. Annyeong xander oppa!
    wow..!! im so proud of you..!! do your best and i will support you always.:)
    take care.. and please come back here in the philippines. we always waiting you to come back here and we miss you very very much.. saranghaeyo oppa..!!

    -kristyl from philippines <3 :)

  31. Hi Xander oppa >.<
    Wow I congratulate you for having your first lead movie. You deserve it, just always be yourself oppa I know it will be a big hit for sure. Always do your best Nae oppa We Xanderettes are always here behind you, we will keep supporting you no matter what. Take care always & watch for your health, Nado Saranghaeyo oppa ^_^, GOODLUCK & FIGHTING !!!!

    Fel Ann
    My Forever Loves from Philippines ^^

  32. ~♥~ Heya Alexander Oppa..!!
    Weeee~~ You're acting in a Movie..!! Yayyy...
    Now I'll get a chance to see you more...hehehe...
    Well..Just Do Your BEST...and I know you'll be SUPER AWESOME...!!
    You always are anywayss...
    And knowing you...You always do well..
    Take care....and Smile ALways...Laugh Always.. ♥ Love Ya TonZzz... ♥

    Love from Malaysia-Volgograd,

  33. Hello, our cheesy oppa XD! This is one step up to the dream that you wanted. You're now in a movie, and not any type of movie! Good Luck with filming and remember we will always be here for you. All precious love for you haha
    Greets from a Dubai fan~

  34. Wish you much love and success from Bermuda!

  35. Hola Xander \\(^o^)//

    Congratulation for your first movie wiiii *O* begins a new challenge for you, good luck, all your Xanderettes around the world will be supporting you!, we all together will be your hands, feet, head, body, etc... Oppa! hwaiting!!!

    Greetings from Xanderettes México (>^o^)><(^o^<)

  36. Hola Xander!!
    I'm so proud of you, I hope soon watch you movie.
    Good luck! 八(^□^*) and remember that you are always in our hearts.
    Never stop laughing...because you´re Alexander ^^ haha so cheesy,
    God bless and Fighting !!!!!

    Silvia From México (^_-)☆wink

  37. Ola! Xander oppa ever since I'm very proud of you now that you are starring in a movie i bet you'll do great there. I just hope that you'll remain as humble as before... More projects to come, I wont say goodluck coz Godbless is better right? FIGHTING!!! I'll keep supporting you >.<


  38. Hi xander, have fun filming ^^ we will be supporting you always :-) eat well, sleep well! all the best & good luck :-) love you <3
    - Shipei, Singapore

  39. Hi xander! Take really good care of yourself. All the best for everything that you're doing. Oppa, Saranghae. <3

  40. Hello Alexander~
    I realized that you are really anxious because this movie! Your diet, the script, you in a MOVIE THEATER OMG! I whish I could see that movie at a movie theater... but it doesn't matter that I can't because I'm as anxious as you are for this movie. I know you will do this exceptionally and I don't know how (maybe internet) I am going to see that movie and you are going to success like any other because you have our sincere and pure love.
    Besos y abrazos desde México♥
    Sincerely yours,Alix (@aiag8)

  41. Hey brother-in-Christ, Xander!
    I don't know you very well as compared to many other fans. I do admire your discipline & faith despite being in the media industry. Have a great time with the cast & crew of 3peas in a pod in Australia! It's gonna be awesome :) Don't bully Jae Liew jie jie kay :P
    God's love & blessings always~

  42. Hello, Xander!! Firstly, don't forget you're not alone, we are here supporting you and wishing you the best. We know you're a hard working person, a nice guy and make fans feel very close to you <3 therefore you deserve all you want. You can do everything. Let's cheer on each other up and always do our best! We know you ca do it, you just have to work hard!
    @angryseopkisses - Brazil

  43. hola Xander :), eres una persona buena, llena de luz y de mucha energía, sabes que te apoyaremos en las decisiones que tomes, y también tus proyectos, eres un ángel y siempre cumplirás todos tus propósitos, cuentas con las Xanderettes, para lo que desees, te queremos y esperamos que algún día vengas a México. Nuestras mejores vibras para todos ustedes, suerte y fighting.

  44. Yo Peter, goodluck & have fun on your roadtrip ;))

  45. Hi Xander❤! Don't forget to have lots of fun, relax and don't get nervous! You can do ANYTHING!! Do the best of you! Remember that God is always beside you! ILY<3! The best wishes from mexican xanderettes, always supporting you!! Fighting~ (^ - ^)9))! -Stephanie

  46. Hello dear Xander, my brother-in-Christ!!
    ((¡Hola Xander!))
    How are you?? You're excited, Right?
    Now, you're treading a new path, you remember "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28)"
    I'm proud of you.. I admire your discipline, obedience, courage and strength...
    You know?? I knew of you one year after that I go back to Christ (of becoming Christian).. and now I know your workship is great... I see to many girl, many fans approach the Lord and it's amazing.. GOD BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE... AND YOUR WORSHIP.. from Mexico
    PD: I hope you come here (Puebla/Mexico) some day -Laura

  47. Hola Alexander! ^ - ^

    Congratulations on the movie!
    You are a very talented man and that is why I trust your acting skills.
    Good luck in this movie! I will wait anxiously to see it!
    From all your effort, you are a very important person for everyone ... always remember to smile, it's so great to see him with a smile on his face.
    May God bless you in this new project!
    Always remember this: You are an example to us, so do your best!
    We will gladly dedicate my biggest support!

    From: Makeli, fan of Peru