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[TRANS] 130325 Lianhe Wanbao - Deer dashes across road, Alexander shocked but safe

Article: 联合晚报 (Lianhe Wanbao) 25th March 2013 Issue
Source: 3 Peas In A Pod (Twitter) 

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*Only translated portions related to Alexander

Deer dashes across road at night, Alexander shocked but safe

With a kangaroo and deer suddenly dashing out on the road, Alexander is thankful that everyone was only shocked and no one hurt! 

Male lead Alexander talked about Calvin Chen's accident during this morning's interview, saying "Actually, many accidents happened!" 

"We had a lot of travelling scenes on the road, and danger is inevitable. There was once where we had a driving scene at night, and a deer actually ran out and froze in front of the car, staring at the headlights. Everyone got a shock but thankfully no one got hurt.", he was thankful that all the crew and everyone was safe. 

In addition, the inexperienced actor declared that he didn't want to mess up the film. 

Alexander previously mentioned that when he first saw Michelle Chong, he felt that she had a fierce aura, and was a little afraid of her. Was there a change of impression after working with her? 

He says, "Michelle taught me a lot, and she often smiles when talking to me, she's really friendly." 

"But….. when she doesn't smile and is fully concentrated on the filming, her expression is still kinda scary! But this also proves her professionalism." 

When asked about any sparks flying about between him and female lead actress Jae Liew, he laughs saying that the majority of scenes consisted of the 3 of them, 2 guys and a girl, hinting that there were no chances for sparks to fly around! 

In addition, when Alexander was being interviewed, he actually mixed in a lot of "Singlish" (Singaporean English), proving that this Korean star has truly been influenced! 

When talking about the three main leads of "3 Peas In A Pod", Michelle Chong says, "Alexander is well-loved by everyone, he's very kind and is a great guy." 

"Calvin is very funny, and often entertains the production team, keeping the atmosphere happy. As for Jae, she's really good at acting, and doesn't seem like a newbie at all!" 

As for performance, Michelle Chong gives everyone a 90. Not a 100? "There's no room for improvement if I give a 100 la!" 

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