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Article: Shin Min Daily (新明日报) 25th March 2013 Issue
Source: 3 Peas In A Pod (Twitter)

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Exposed - Calvin is the vainest of them all 

Workout-holic, always looking at the mirror… After filming in Australia for 3 weeks, Calvin Chen is revealed to be the vainest. 

Michelle Chong's new film "3 Peas In A Pod" finished a total of 3 weeks worth of filming, and returned to Singapore yesterday before resuming filming here at 5am in the morning. Reporters interviewed the three main characters this morning at the top of the Marina Bay Sands. When asked to share about how the filming went in Australia, Calvin Chen was unexpectedly exposed by his two partners: he's crazy about working out, and loves to look at the mirror often. 

While the team filmed in Kangaroo Island, they all lived together in one building and got to know each other a little better, discovering a few interesting habits. 

Korean handsome boy Alexander first revealed, "Calvin is a workout-holic. When we finish shooting for the day, everyone's all exhausted, yet I see him changed into his tank top and gym pants, starting to work out with his gym equipment." 

Director Michelle can't help but complain, "Our baggage was so heavy because he brought all his workout equipment!" 

Calvin Chen immediately defended himself, "That's not how it is! I only had one suitcase but the director had five! I even let her use my quota, and I even helped her carry her suitcase!" He then revealed something funny. "When the custom officer wanted to check the suitcase that I was helping Michelle carry, I opened it and it was full of makeup products! Thank goodness there weren't other female products, or else the custom officer would've thought of me as a pervert!" 

Female lead Jae Liew too revealed, "Calvin really loves looking into a mirror, he uses his phone as a mirror and looks into it whenever he's free!" Calvin then defended himself again saying, "This is called being professional, I always have to be responsible for my image." 


The movie has a kissing scene, a bed scene, an undressing scene… 

Michelle Chong reveals that there are kissing, bed, and undressing scenes in the movie but doesn't go further into details. 

Taking on a kissing scene and bed scene at her first time acting, Jae Liew confesses, "It was indeed a little awkward, but when the camera started rolling, I was able to immerse myself into the scene naturally." 


Alexander works out, yet loses more and more weight as he does

Before Alexander started filming for the movie, he was specifically instructed by the director to workout and become more fit. Hence, he not only started to workout but also strictly controlled his diet, and unexpectedly lost 5kg. 

Calvin Chen on the other hand, who also started to workout prior to the filming actually gained about 5kg. Alexander laughs, saying, "Calvin looks tall and skinny, so I didn't think he would be this big! When we stand next to each other, we look like we're 10kg apart!" 

Having worked together for the first time, the two guys have become good friends, and even teams up to tease Michelle. Jae Liew adds, "They would turn the director into a sandwich, both squishing her tightly, making her shy." 


"3 Peas In A Pod", with a 1.7million (SGD) budget, is more than 90% filmed in Melbourne and Adelaide. When talking about challenges faced filming this movie, Michelle Chong says, "Compared to my first film 'Already Famous', this is really a huge production. I had Singaporean crew, and also Australian crew. Because of the large number of people, it was a tough feat." 

Due to the road trip element of this film, the team had to keep moving, and moved around together as a group with a total of 9 vehicles. Michelle says, "Sometimes when we're heading for the next location, cars could get lost, and we'd have to wait. Once we wait, it affects the whole production, time is money!" 


Calvin Chen turns to Michelle to remember how first love feels like. 

Calvin has a scene where he has to look yearningly at Jae while having a meal together. Jae confesses, "It's a little pressurizing to work with a senior, and there were many laughters." Calvin laughed saying, "I forgot how first love feels like!" When asked by the reporter how he eventually found the feeling of first love, he turned to Michelle and said, "By looking at her!" The two tease each other as Michelle's satisfaction is written all over her face.

"3 Peas In A Pod" has many dialogues in English, and Calvin talks about how he has not spoken this much English ever since returning to Taiwan from Canada in 2005, hence the big challenge for him. 

Calvin was deeply captured by the beauty of South Australia, having taken close to a thousand photos on his phone. He exclaims, "My phone memory is full!" 

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