Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[TRANS] 130327 Alexander wraps movie filming - Vacation & Good Food in the Lion City

Source: 罗瑱玲, . "Alexander电影杀青 狮城度假大叹美食." 我报 My Paper [Singapore] 27 03 2013, B10. Print.

Upon wrapping up filming for local movie "3 Peas In A Pod", handsome Korean guy Alexander is taking a short vacation while being here, and shared a photo on Twitter. 

Alexander gave his first time on the big screen to local director Michelle Chong, playing a second generation wealthy son studying abroad in Australia. The movie has officially wrapped the day before yesterday, and Alexander has given himself a vacation, staying in Singapore to tour and have fun. 

He uploaded a few pictures on Twitter the day before yesterday, showing how much fun he's having experiencing life in Singapore, other than trying the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, he even took the MRT (train) to ION mall for shopping. Perhaps it's because of the hot weather that he went to ION's food court and ate ice-kachang, but it didn't agree much with him, and left a comment saying: tasted so so but still better than none :)

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