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[TRANS] 130414 优1周U Weekly: Alexander - The Price of Freedom

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Former U-Kiss member Alexander (24), who came to Singapore for a fan meeting with his fans in August, made an appearance early March this year for the "3 Peas In A Pod" press conference. He reveals he's free and able to fly high in any way he wants to! 

Learning to Make Decisions

Starting January this year, former U-KISS member Alexander has regained his freedom, no longer bound by his management company (M Plus Entertainment), and learned to live independently. 

"Now, I'm taking each step as it comes. I've already come so far, and I've learned so much, all I hope is to be better and better each year." 

"I'm looking for a management company that will be able to showcase my intercultural background and ability to speak different languages well. This way, I will be able to have more opportunities to take on work that is of co-production nature." 

However, for Alexander, choosing a suitable management company is an extremely difficult decision. 

"In the past when I was in a group, I was the one who loved to nag at others, and I gave my advise and opinions; but when it's me, I am at a loss and I'm afraid to make any decisions." 

No matter what he chooses to do, what work he takes on, what show he acts in, he always has to consider this: Will it affect my image? Will it help in pushing my future to a greater level? 

Precisely because he believes that it's easier for others to see things about you compared to yourself, whenever he's at a loss in making a decision, he would seek advise and opinions from his friends, family, seniors in the entertainment industry and friends from church. 

Expanding in More Areas

Before coming to Singapore for the filming of the movie, Alexander was part of a Korean drama series last year, Channel A's "Immortal Masterpiece." 

Being Alexander's first step into the TV industry, it was truly an enriching experience for him. 

"It was a challenging environment that made me grow and learn fast, because the director is a 70-year old seasoned director, and has a certain way of doing things. But he also treated me like a grandson, and helped me learn many things on set." 

From a small role in a Korean drama series to a leading role in a movie, Alexander confesses the immense pressure he feels. 

"Honestly, I wasn't able to sleep well the past few days (before coming here), because I was just too nervous, too worried about what I should do, what I shouldn't do…… But since I'm here to learn, I hope that everyone will be satisfied with my performance." 

For Alexander, who has a background as a Korean idol singer says that in the future, singing will no longer be his main focus. "I don't think I will focus on being a singer in the future, but perhaps I will release a single or album for my fans once in a while as a gift. Other than that, it won't be the main focus of work for me."  

Vacation in Singapore at the end of March

At the end of March, after Alexander wrapped filming for the movie in Australia, he came to Singapore for a holiday. Relaxing and sneaking around for several days here, he was busy posting up pictures of delicious Singaporean food on Twitter, took the local MRT for the first time, and even had time for a battle of the cutest with director Michelle?! 


The friendly and outgoing Alexander also shared an exclusive with us. 

"This is really an exclusive you know, I've not told any other media…… Last year in December, I went to my old management company NH Media to visit my ex-boss, and coincidentally met U-KISS who were having a party in the office. I joined them, had dinner and hung out. Now, once in a while we'd send messages to each other, but because we tend to be out of the country, the chances to meet up in person are really little."

"3 Peas In A Pod" is currently set to premiere in Singapore on the 14th November 2013.

Source: 优1周U Weekly (Singapore local magazine) + 3 Peas In A Pod (Twitter)
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