Monday, May 13, 2013

[NEWS] 130513 Alexander's Interview with XINMSN

Singapore, meet the newest idol import: Xander

What happens when idols leave Korean boybands? Some disappear from the limelight to resume their lives as ordinary folks while a handful with business acumen divert their attention to a different industry and turn their strengths into monetary profits. And then there are the persistent and hopeful fallen stars who stick around showbiz for a second shot at fame.

When we caught up with 3 Peas in a Pod lead actor Alexander Lee Eusebio (or Xander, for short) on site in Melbourne, the former U-KISS leader expressed a strong desire to prove his worth to the masses and understandably so – Xander’s lead role as Peter Park in Michelle Chong’s sophomore movie is set to be his biggest break since going solo.

Over lunch at an Italian restaurant by Melbourne’s Yarra River with the 3 Peas crew, Xander was the life of the party: he hammed it up for the cameras with goofy expressions in between meal courses and entertained everyone with his self-deprecating sense of humour.

Hyper and bubbly by nature, the jarring personality difference between him and Peter are what he finds most challenging about the role - on top of having to buff up. But it’s in his DNA to be an energizer bunny, he ruefully admits, labelling it “the Korean idol style” during his exclusive interview with xinmsn.

As his own harshest critic, Xander repeatedly emphasised, “I really want to be perfect, perfect and perfect.” Giving himself an “okay” rating on his performance, he added, “My assistant is always by my side, advising me and telling me not to be too harsh on myself too.” 

“Maybe I’m trying to be perfect or a perfectionist, but so far still okay lah,” he jokingly quipped, “At least Michelle has yet to punch me [for acting poorly]. (Laughs)”

The Korean heartthrob also admits to be “very sensitive” and self-conscious when it comes to putting on a flawless front. “I just hope to be as perfect as possible so that I don’t get any blame – in a professional sense,” he explained, as if alluding his paranoia nature and pressure to “look good all the time” to his experience as a Korean idol.

“Cos you never know if there are paparazzi [around you] or not! (Chuckles),” he cheekily joked.

As a solo artiste who has staged fan meetings all around the world (including one in Singapore last July), the good looking star hopes this movie would be a gateway to markets like Singapore and countries in South East Asia.

“I really hope that - as this is my first movie - people will acknowledge that I have the potential and that I’m doing well,” said Xander, who also wants to dabble in emceeing and hosting variety shows in future. 

And the 25-year-old is definitely on the right track for a career reboot (and revival).

Having signed on with Michelle’s artiste management agency Left Profile last week, Xander’s poised to give our young idols on the hill a run for their popularity. He is, after all, one movie away from becoming a familiar figure in our local entertainment industry. That, and his eagerness to star in local TV shows, fluency in seven languages (yes, you read that right: seven) and desire to grow his showbiz career.

Watch out, Singapore. Xander’s coming your way.

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Text & Photos: Joanna Goh reporting from Melbourne
Video: Fiona Lin reporting from Melbourne