Friday, May 3, 2013

[TRANS] 130503 Lianhe Zaobao - Michelle Chong signs with Alexander

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Local company is the first to sign on a Korean star

Local actress and director Michelle Chong has signed young good-looking Korean idol Alexander Lee Eusebio and Taiwanese actress Wang Xin Ru, which makes her company, Left Profile, the first local artiste management company to sign with a Korean star.

Alexander, one of the male leads in "3 Peas In A Pod" 

Alexander is a Korean-Chinese mixed, and can speak 7 different languages. He was a former member of the Korean idol group U-Kiss, and is one of the male leads in Michelle Chong's latest film, "3 Peas In A Pod". 

When asked by reporters how she managed to sign with Alexander, she happily replied, "While filming this movie, we spent a month together and got to know each other. Initially, I never thought of signing with him, but after we finished filming, I thought to myself, why not invite him to join Left Profile, since it's also harder for him to reach the local market while being in Korea? I guess he must have been moved by my sincerity, thinking that I'm a good and responsible person, haha!" 

When talking about Alexander's merits, she excitedly said, "He's really popular, and has a lot of fans. He's also very handsome; he's beautiful no matter which angle you look at him from, haha… he can sing, dance, and host!" 

Alexander and Wang Xin Ru are the 3rd and 4th artistes signed with Michelle Chong, including Lee Teng and Pornsak too under her company. Michelle Chong laughs, saying that other than herself, all the artistes in her company are foreigners. At the moment, she says that she will be arranging brand/product endorsements for Alexander and Wang Xin Ru, while other possible work is still in discussion. 

Source: Lianhe Zaobao, 3rd May 2013
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Congratulations Alexander!^^