Saturday, July 27, 2013

[INTL PROJ] Xanderettes' Birthday Bash: Buy Alexander a Birthday Lunch! ♥

Hi Xanderettes!! We're excited! Know why? 

Because we... yes, us and you, we have the opportunity to buy our Alexander a sumptuous birthday meal! A meal fit for a king, perhaps? :P 

As you all know, Alexander's birthday is coming, on the 29th of July, and Xanderettes in Manila will get to celebrate his birthday together with him, on the 27th! 
Prior to that, our friends the Pinay Xanderettes have tied up with the organizer Fangirl Asia for a special treat! 

Xanderettes will be sponsoring a lunch for Alexander and crew! 

This is a FIRST for Xanderettes ever, so we're really excited about it! 
However, buying a meal for approximately 10 people isn't going to be cheap, so in order to make this a sumptuous meal fit for a ~king~, the Pinay Xanderettes will need everyone's help! 

Also, chances like this don't come everyday, so let us join hands and make this a big success! 
Extra money will be used for the Pinay Xanderettes' other projects! They've been planning a number of projects and are so hardworking! A big round of applause for them! ^-^ 

As of Now: USD138 

Closing Date: 22nd July 2013

Q: How do I donate to this project? 
A: Visit HERE for more details! 
If you live in the Philippines, you can pay via GCASH, Bank deposit, Western Union, LBC. 
If you live overseas, they accept PayPal, Western Union. 

If you live in Singapore or Indonesia and don't have PayPal but would like to donate, please contact us at 

Q: How much do I need to donate? 
A: You can donate any amount you'd like :) Every cent counts and will help!! 

Q: What is going to be on the menu? 
A: The Pinay Xanderettes will let us know! 

So... You might be wondering, what's in it for you? Heheh. 
Of course you won't go empty handed! 

First, you will automatically receive a spot in the King Of Hearts Project! 
What this is is basically a collage of photos of us Xanderettes that form a BIG HEART. This will be printed high quality and given to Alexander as a gift at the birthday lunch. He will be able to see who contributed to this project through this collage :) 



Let's leave it as a surprise for now. 

In the meantime, do check out the Pinay Xanderettes to find out about their projects! 

Join in their fun and creative 

To summarize what this project about, basically, there will be 25 short videos compiled into 1 of YOU Xanderettes around the world, each saying Happy Birthday to Alexander in your own language or Mother Tongue. Simply get a yummy cupcake to treat yourself and use it for this project before you eat it... Or if you're watching your diet, draw one up on paper yourself! 

What are you waiting for? 

Let's go!!! 

Questions may be asked directly to the Pinay Xanderettes (@xanderettes on Twitter) or on or you can also leave a comment down below on this post :) 

Have fun!!!