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[TRANS] 130613 XINMSN: Alexander looking for a girlfriend?

Chloe Wang, full marks for Confidence Test, Alexander publicly invites you to be his girlfriend

Signed to Michelle Chong's company, Chloe Wang and Alexander both came to Singapore for a shoot as ambassadors for an apparel brand. Their first impressions of each other are nothing short of great! 

After having signed with local celebrity Michelle Chong's artiste management company Left Profile, former Korean boyband U-Kiss member Alexander Lee Eusebio, aka Xander, and Taiwanese star Chloe Wang, met each other for the first time yesterday. They are both the ambassadors for American apparel brand dENiZEN, and are here for the filming of the commercial. 

The director of the commercial is none other than their boss, Michelle Chong. 

When asked about signing with Left Profile, Xander revealed that he had already decided to join the company during his filming of "3 Peas In A Pod" in March this year. As for Chloe, who will be here to act in local dramas "Ah Di" and "Hua Yang Ren Jian", revealed that it was due to her manager having worked with Michelle Chong before, and they had kept in contact. 

She expresses that she has always admired and liked smart, talented and aspiring women, even praising Michelle Chong saying that she's 'amazing'. She hopes to learn from her, and will also talk to her boss about movie roles. 

After joining a new company, other than seeking advice from a fortune teller* for a new stage name, Michelle Chong has also given her a new English name, Chloe (original name Cynthia), reason being that there isn't any Asian female celebrity with this English name, and it also suits her sweet and pretty appearance. 

Starting afresh, the 26 year old Chloe Wang hopes to follow in Michelle Chong's footsteps, and become an 'Asian Superstar'. 

Xander releases the burden of being an 'idol' 

Born in Hong Kong but having Korean, Chinese and Portuguese blood, Xander hopes for the Singaporean audience to not think of him as an 'alien'. He hopes he could be like the boy next door, but with a sense of mystery as well. 

Xander admits that his Mandarin pronunciation is bad, and so he speaks entirely in English for this interview. Even so, he never loses his sense of humor and friendliness. When asked if he's still carrying the burden of being an 'idol star', he straightforwardly says that it's time to grow up, and would rather call himself an 'adult-dol'. 

He explains, 'I'm more matured now, and I don't really like the typical idol star image. It's too conservative, and too restrictive.' 

The Xander now wants to say whatever he wants, and doesn't want to restrict himself. To him, the most important thing is to be able to be honest with his fans, and even if he dates someone, he would want to tell them. 

Curious about his love life, the reporter asks him if he's dating anyone at the moment, to which he replied without hesitation that he's single, and even invited anyone interested to call Left Profile to sign up to be his girlfriend. 

Since they're here in Singapore for a clothes brand endorsement, xinmsn reporters specifically asks Chloe and Xander some questions about their looks and image. Let's see how confident these two are of themselves! 

- Which part of yourself are you most confident of? 

C: I'm confident of myself from head to toe! When women are fully confident of themselves, they'll shine and look beautiful no matter what they wear. No one is perfect, and we should accept both the good and the bad. 

X: My eyes. I naturally have big eyes, without the need of surgery. (laughs)

- What about the parts you're most unconfident of? 

C: Not really. (laughs) 

X: It's my eyes too. You see, my eyes are big, so I can't lie and I'm not able to hide what I'm really feeling. For example, it's very obvious whenever I'm tired or not feeling well. 

- What's the first thing you look at when you meet someone for the first time? 

C: Their fingers and toes. If someone is able to take good care of these intricate parts, he must love cleanliness, and it shows that he takes very good care of himself. 

X: It's still the eyes for me. The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say. I  like reading the expression in people's eyes. 

- What are your first impressions of each other? 

C: We're 2 years of age apart from each other, and the first time I saw him, he had a bright, cheerful smile. He seemed even younger, and I was afraid of looking too old beside him, but later on I realized that our personalities are actually quite similar! Xander is very polite, yet he never seems distant and cold. He also respects females; he coordinated with my every pose during the commercial shoot. 

X: I was quite nervous meeting her for the first time, because she's a pretty girl. But Chloe is very friendly and warm, very energetic, and it's very comfortable working together with her. 

- How do you like guys or girls to dress? 

C: Neat and tidy, like Xander. (laughs) Guys who wear a shirt and suit make my eyes light up, unable to tear my eyes away. 

X: I don't like girls to dress too 'over' (too loud), and I don't like girls who wear makeup that's too thick. I prefer simplicity, and personality is the most important. 

- Both your birthdays fall in July, what birthday wishes do you have? 

C: I hope everything will be even better, and for the idol drama, the program that I'm hosting to have lots of viewers, and lastly, for the brand we're endorsing to sell like hotcakes! 

X: To stop aging, haha! I hope to have more opportunities for work in Singapore, so I could come here more to see my fans. Also for good health, and that everyone will just be happy. 

Source :: XINMSN, Reporter/Photographer - 郑慧玲
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