Friday, June 14, 2013

[TRANS] 130614 Chloe Wang & Alexander

(Photo: 袁定怡) 

Taiwan artiste Chloe Wang Xin Le whose original name, "Wang Xin Ru", sounded too similar to "Lin Xin Ru", changed her name so people wouldn't get confused easily. She reveals that after she changed her name, she would repeat her name to herself three times after getting out of bed in the morning, so as to familiarize with her new name. She adds that the change in her name not only helps in her career but also means 'a happy and beautiful girl'. 

"Hence, whenever someone asks what the meaning of my new name is, I'd be really embarrassed, having to say that it means 'a happy and beautiful girl'." 

After changing her name, she received the opportunity for brand endorsement immediately. Together with former U-Kiss band member Alexander, they came to Singapore as ambassadors of the apparel brand dENiZEN. 

This is also the very first endorsement deal the two has clinched after signing on with Michelle Chong's artiste management company, Left Profile. 

Speaking of their boss, Michelle Chong, the two overflow with praise for her, and are very happy that they immediately received an endorsement deal right after signing with the company. Alexander adds that there's a possibility of him appearing a lot in Singapore, and hopes that everyone won't "get sick of him". 

Although the two are endorsing the brand together, they expressed that they weren't acquainted prior to this. 

Alexander had looked up Chloe's profile on the internet, and initially, when he saw how pretty Chloe was, he had worried about whether she would be snobby and difficult. However, after having worked together for a few days, he finds her an easygoing, energetic and bubbly girl. 

Chloe too has a great impression of Alexander. For example, she talks about how there was only 1 dressing room at the filming location, and how Alexander had the initiative to let her use it first, which impressed her. 

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