Monday, July 29, 2013

Alexander's Birthday Quiz 2013

♔Q1: Alexander recently became an ambassador for this clothing brand. What is it? A: Denizen

♔Q2: Name Alexander’s favourite ice cream flavour. A: Rocky Road

♔Q3: Name the four types of accessories Alexander wears very often. A: Rings, Wristbands or Bracelets, Necklaces, Ear studs. Caps/Hats also accepted.

♔Q4: What is the full name of Alexander’s character in his upcoming movie, “3 Peas In A Pod”? A: Peter Park

♔Q5: Alexander’s favourite colours include black, white, red and gold. True or False? A: False. Black, White, Gold, Silver.

♔Q6: What are the 3 necessities Alexander always brings out with him? Hint: XanderKpop A: Mirror, Toothpicks/Dental Floss, Facial Powder (Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder)

♔Q7: What is Alexander's shoe size (mm)? A: 280mm

♔Q8: A slide & a swing. Which one will Alexander most likely pick to play on? A: Swing

♔Q9: When Alexander was in Singapore for 3 Peas activities, wt did he enjoy drinking the most? a) Bubble tea b) Coconut juice c) Iced Coffee

♔Q10: Multiply the total number of letters in Alexander's FULL NAME by 5, subtract 50, divide by 9. What's the answer? A: 5

How many admins are there in A: 3!

Answer all 10 correctly (& the bonus question), tweet the answers to @xanderettes_net & the FIRST 5 with the correct answers will win the following:


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Also, because you guys were sooo enthusiastic... We'll have a surprise 6th winner!

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