Friday, July 26, 2013

♔ [EVENT] ♔ Xanderettes 1ST Gathering in Singapore!


XANDERETTES.NET opened in 2011 and it's been 2 years since we've started......... but we've yet to really meet each other as Xanderettes! Without Alexander, we mean.  

So... for the first time ever, we'll be having a simple yet fun gathering in July for those of us living in Singapore! This is in lieu of Alexander's 25th birthday (0729) as well, so we thought it'd be the perfect timing to have a short and fun meet-up :) 

We've yet to finalise the details, but we'll do our best in making it a wonderful memory for all of you. Here's what's going to happen so far: 

Date: 27th July 2013, Saturday 
Time: 4pm onwards 
Where: Marina Barrage
What: Kite Flying, Ice Breakers, Pizza Dinner, NDP Rehearsal Fireworks (subject to change)

Now that our skies are clear of haze for the time being, we'd like to hold our gathering outdoors! If you've never been to the Marina Barrage, you HAVE to come join us. We'll fly kites when the sun isn't too hot, (try to LOL), and we'll have some games with prizes to be won! ;D

Because it's the fasting month and we'd still love for our Muslim friends to join us, we'll be having our gathering late afternoon so the sun isn't too hot and we can all have dinner together elsewhere afterwards!

This will also be a great chance for us to meet new friends, friends who are also Xanderettes! Don't worry if you're new and don't know anyone going or is afraid of going alone... most of us haven't met each other before. After this, you'll know at least a good bunch of people who may very well turn out to be good friends to have :) Ultimately, we just want to have a fun and relaxing time with all you Xanderettes. ALSO... we'll be ordering pizza for dinner & there's actually going to be an NDP rehearsal on that day, so since there's a really good view of the Esplanade & Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Barrage, hopefully we get to see the rehearsal fireworks too! :D 

As much as we would love to have Alexander with us in Singapore, he'll be in the Philippines with his Pinay Xanderettes! They've waited 3 years to see him, so we're really excited for them and we hope you will be too. 

P.S. In case it rains on that day, we'll be coming up with a wet weather plan just in case we can't play outdoors. But fingers crossed that we'll have good weather! 


If you would like to join us, please send us an email at entitled "Xanderettes' Gathering" with the following details: 

No. of People: (you can bring friends along if you want)

We'll contact you through email for more detailed updates on the gathering, so please give us an email that you check on often! Questions may be asked in the comment box at the bottom of this post, or you can also tweet us at @xanderettes_net or email us at


Xanderette Head Count: 15

Li Qing
Shirly CL
Fardiana + 1
Zuraizan + 1
Nurul Zarifah