Thursday, July 18, 2013

[INFO] Regarding

NOTE: PD Beanz has requested for a favor in compiling the names of members who have not received their membership cards. If you have yet to receive your card, please email with

Name/User ID: 
Email Address: 
Mailing Address: 

(make sure it's the one you used to register for your account) 

Final Dateline: 22 August 

If you have other concerns regarding this issue, you may also leave a comment on this post, or email or tweet us. We will consolidate them and refer them to PD Beanz. Alternatively, you may approach them directly at 

Do note that this only applies to fans who have membership with previously. 

Update: PDBeanz & Alexander have addressed this issue last night. Please refer to below for more details. 
130719 PD Beanz' message: 

130719 Alexander's message: 

Hi Xanderettes, 

Because we've been seeing many fans ask about this for a long period of time and not being able to get an answer, we've decided to tell you our side of the story. Please note that is in no way affiliated or connected with any or PD Beanz staff. 

As some or many of you may have noticed, the Official Alexander Fanclub, is no longer available online. was launched and run by the staff of PD Beanz, parent company Soyabeanz (a TV/Film production & events company), based in Malaysia, when Alexander was still signed under M Plus Entertainment. However, we saw that we were getting lesser and lesser updates regarding and they have stopped any form of updates, whether via Facebook or Twitter, since the start of this year. 

There were also many fans who were starting to inquire about their membership cards, which come as part of the entitlements after paying the USD10 membership fee. We contacted them regarding this and they explained, "it might be lost mail". However, there can't be that many cases of "lost mail", right? While PD Beanz was getting inactive, they however were still responding to fans' membership applications and still accepting payment. For one particular case, we were assisting a Xanderette in Korea in applying for the membership, in which everything went through fine, up till she made payment for the membership. Following their instructions, she emailed them with her payment details, but they never got back to her with any confirmation email nor login details to her account. We emailed them about this, but they never replied, so, with the help of Xanderist_MY, she contacted them, to which they replied, "Oh, maybe we didn't receive. Ask her to email us again." So she did, and she emailed them again. No response. And then she emailed again. Nothing. 

Since then, we've emailed PD Beanz, Soyabeanz (all the emails we could find) a couple of times, in hopes of getting some sort of explanation for all of this. However, NONE of our emails were replied. Xanderist_MY helped in calling them a few times to inquire again, to which they responded with a "We're really busy," and insisted that "Everything is fine." We also found out that our emails were actually read by the staff but they did not bother to reply. 

Shortly after, Alexander announced on Twitter that he had terminated his contract with M Plus Entertainment. Soyabeanz/PD Beanz continued to keep silent. By that time, it was pretty obvious that Soyabeanz/PD Beanz no longer had the rights to continue with Hence, we emailed them again and asked nicely for an announcement on Facebook or Twitter, so as to have a proper closure and not have fans still wondering what happened. After all, registered members on the site all had paid membership fees and it was only right to at least have an explanation or announcement from the company. No reply again. 

Time passed and we stopped pursuing this matter because it would just be a waste of time and effort, and we had way more exciting things to look forward to (Alexander's movie, etc.) However, we don't want to just let it die down and be forgotten, and although we can't give you the 100% answers, we can at least let you know what happened between us and them. 

Till now, Soyabeanz/PD Beanz has ceased ALL signs of activity online. As the leading international Xanderette community for Alexander, we have really tried our best regarding this, and we're sorry about those who have faced similar situations as the ones above. We're also really sorry we waited soooo long before making an announcement addressing this. 

So, to sum it up: no longer exists, and there is no longer an "Official" Alexander Fanclub. 

On the bright side, you don't have to pay to get updates about Alexander from us, and you will never have to :P

- the admins of