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[TRANS] 130624 U-Weekly Issue 394 (Denizen Shoot Interview)

Cr: U-Weekly + Left Profile (Twitter)

Since finishing the filming of "3 Peas in a Pod", directed by Michelle Chong, he trusts his "new boss" very much, reason being, she brought out his talent. 

"Actually, I'm hoping I could try playing a bad guy, serial killer role, and challenge myself with roles that are the total opposite of me, and also not have to worry about it affecting my image." 

Alexander will later return to Korea, and channel all his focus towards drama, and to try out more new things. In the future, he will only release songs as a gift for his fans. "I prefer variety programmes, which are very convenient, I just have to be myself. On the other hand, you can't make mistakes when singing and dancing, and the pressure is quite big." 

When asked about what he looks for in a girlfriend, he honestly says that although looks do matter, he cares more about personality now. This is a result of having seen many examples in the entertainment industry, and feels that the most important thing is to be able to get along well with him. He talks about being closer to people outside the entertainment industry, having a circle of friends that's international, sharing the bitter and sweet of life together. He also keeps in touch with the U-Kiss members. 

Taiwan actress Cynthia Wang Xinru starts afresh after changing her name, officially signing the contract for her management in Singapore and Malaysia to Michelle Chong's artiste management label, Left Profile, becoming Pornsak and Lee Teng's junior. At the same time, she changed her Chinese name to "Wang Leyan", and her English name to "Chloe". Previously, she acted in 2 local dramas, which gained her some popularity locally. After signing the contract, her first job begins with filming the commercial directed by Michelle Chong for American apparel brand dENiZEN, together with Korean band U-Kiss' ex-member, Alexander. 

The two met each other for the first time only the day before the filming, and have good impressions of each other. Xander had even looked Chloe up on the internet prior to meeting her. Chloe expresses, "Xander is very thoughtful. After the filming ended, he walked towards the changing room together with Michelle. The changing room only has two cubicles, and after Michelle went into one, Xander saw that I was walking behind him, and immediately came out to let me go in to change first. I was impressed by his thoughtfulness." 

Source: U-Weekly Issue 394 
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