Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Burning Questions With Alexander... From YOU!

Hi Xanderettes!

Stressed out from exams? Missing Alexander? Always had a burning question you want to ask or something that you've always wanted to know about Alexander? Here's your chance.

For the first time ever, we'll be having a Xanderettes' exclusive email interview with Alexander! We'll be asking him 10 questions, all from Xanderettes and Xanderettes alone. So, if you have a question for Alexander, please leave your question as a comment on this post. If you like someone else's question, reply to that person with your support! 

We will pick the best 10 interesting questions, and then post it up once the interview is done! Think of something different and interesting ;D Please don't ask if he has a girlfriend, what his ideal type is, or whether he reads your tweets. We're looking for questions that haven't really been asked before!

That said, please keep your questions free of vulgarities and anything that would deem offensive to others. Comments that break this rule will be deleted without warning. Thanks!

Dateline for submission of questions is Wednesday, 28 August