Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[INFO] 3 PEAS IN A POD Activities in Singapore - The 411

Hi Xanderettes! This post will collate all the information you will need to know for all 3 Peas In A Pod activities in Singapore. Please check back frequently for updates as we will be updating this post as we go along and as we receive more information. 

LAST UPDATED: Nov 6, Wednesday

✮ 3PIAP is rated NC-16 by MDA
✮ 3PIAP Gala Premiere on 7th November 
✮ 3PIAP Roadshows from 8 ~ 10th November
✮ Sneak Previews from 8 ~ 10th November at Golden Village & Cathay
✮ 3PIAP opening in theatres, 14th November islandwide
✮ Q&A

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" NC-16 Rating 

Please note that 3 Peas In A Pod has received an NC-16 rating by MDA. Hence, if you are under 16 years of age, you will not be able to watch this movie in theatres. If you have purchased Gala Premiere tickets from us and you are under 16 years of age, please contact us for a refund.

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" Gala Premiere 

7th November
Golden Village @ Great World City

Ticket Collection: 
7th November
McDonalds (Lvl 1) @ Great World City
6PM ~ 7:30PM

We will sit near the entrance so it'll be easier to find us :) Contact numbers will be sent to you via email.

Directions to Great World City:

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" Fan Support 

We will be giving out banners to Xanderettes attending the Gala Premiere & the roadshows. They are double-sided and will have the following words: 

자랑스럽다, 산더 (We're proud of you, Xander)

보고싶었다 (We missed you) 

As Alexander will be singing at the roadshow, while he is singing, please raise "자랑스럽다, 산더" :) As for the other side, you can raise it at any time of the Gala Premiere & the roadshow when he's not singing. 

We will hand a banner each to fans when they come to collect tickets from us for the Gala Premiere. And for the roadshows, we will be handing them out to xanderettes who approach us. So if you would like a banner to use, please approach us at the roadshows. 

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" Roadshow Schedule for 8 - 10th November 2013 

Get an autographed poster from the Cast & Director of "3 Peas In A Pod"

Present a pair of "3 Peas In A Pod" Sneak Preview movie ticket stubs at either of the roadshows on any date to redeem an autographed poster on stage personally signed by Alexander, Calvin, Jae & Michelle Chong. Jay Gee card holders with movie ticket stubs will receive priority for the autographed poster. Please note that ONE PAIR of tickets can only be used ONCE by ONE person to redeem ONE autographed poster. The same pair may not be reused by another or for another day of the roadshow. 

"3 Peas In A Pod" only opens in theatres officially on the 14th November, but it will be screened for Sneak Previews between 8 - 10th November at Golden Village and Cathay theatres. Click on the following links to see the screening schedule for the sneak previews: 

You can purchase tickets for the Sneak Preview screenings either online through the websites above or directly at the respective GV and Cathay ticketing booths themselves. 

There will be a cap of 100 autographed posters available for redemption at each of the roadshows.

You will have to purchase Sneak Preview movie tickets in order to exchange for an autographed poster. Note that tickets from the Gala Premiere on the 7th do not qualify for the redemption of poster. Ticket reservations may be made for the sneak previews now at GV & Cathay.

Also... Alexander will be performing at the roadshow! 

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" Sneak Previews 

The movie will sneak in Golden Village and Cathay theatres between 8 ~ 10th November prior to the official release of the film in all theatres islandwide. 

P.S. We got a tip from the director through Twitter that there's a possibility that she & the cast including Alexander may be making special appearances randomly at the Sneak Preview screenings? 

Please see the following links for the screening timetables: 

(Only on 8/9th November, & tickets can only be purchased as a pair due to the couple-seat-only screening hall) 

✮ "3 PEAS IN A POD" Opening 

The movie will officially be released in theatres from 14 November onwards! 

✮ Q&A 

Q: If I'm below 16, can I still attend the roadshow? 
A: Yes, you can. 

Q: Where can I get tickets for the roadshow? 
A: The roadshow is free and open to public. 

Q: If I'm below 16 but I want to get the autographed poster, can I do it? 
A: Yes, you can. All you need to do is book a pair of tickets for any one of the Sneak Preview screenings and present that pair at one of the roadshow sessions. 

Q: Can Gala Premiere tickets be exchanged for the autograph session at the roadshows? 
A: No, only Sneak Preview tickets will be accepted. 

Q: Will the autographed poster be pre-signed? 
A: No, the cast & director will sign the poster personally for you on stage (regular fansign style).

Q: Can I reuse/share my pair of Sneak Preview tickets to exchange for the autographed poster? 
A: No, one pair of tickets entitles one person to one autographed poster at one roadshow session only. 

Q: Do the tickets date matter for the exchange of poster at the roadshow? 
A: Nope, they just need to be "3 Peas In A Pod" sneak preview movie ticket stubs. 

Q: If I'm below 16, can I still go for the Gala Premiere and see Alexander? 
A: You will not be allowed to go into the theatres though. 

Q: What can I expect to see at the Gala Premiere? 
A: You will see Alexander, the cast, and Michelle Chong. And of course, the movie. 

Q: What's the difference between Gala Premiere & Sneak Preview? 
A: The Gala Premiere is the first screening of the movie ever, and the cast and crew including Alexander will be attending & watching the film for the first time as well. Sneak Preview screenings are just regular movie screenings at GV & Cathay theatres but they are special because they are screened prior to the official release of the film. According to Michelle Chong, there's a possibility that the cast & her will appear at random Sneak Preview screenings! 

Q: What is a Sneak Preview? 
A: It's basically limited screenings of a film prior to it's official release in theatres. The tickets for these screenings tend to be slightly pricier and may have to be reserved.

Q: Will the whole film be screened at the "Sneak Preview"? 
A: Yes. It doesn't literally mean a "sneak peek" preview of the film. 

Q: How do I buy tickets for the "Sneak Preview"? 
A: It is the same way as how you buy movie tickets usually. You can do it either online or at the ticketing booths at the cinemas itself.