Sunday, November 17, 2013

[PROJ] Love "Each Other" Project - Typhoon Relief for Philippines

Total Amount Raised: SGD$524.83
(as of 16 Nov)

Hi Xanderettes~ Amidst our excitement and fun we had with Alexander and the 3 Peas In A Pod team this past week, the Philippines on the other hand, had to deal with the after effects of being hit by Typhoon Yolanda, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded, on November 8th. Our friends, the Pinay Xanderettes in the Philippines, have decided to scrap all projects for Alexander and is instead working on a Typhoon Relief project. Although it is incredibly rushed and there is hardly time to spread the word around, we are still going to support this project and we hope that you will too. Please read on to see how YOU can help.

Alexander will be attending the K-Nation 4 event in Manila on the 17th of November, and this very event will be accepting item donations for the Typhoon Relief project. Here are the following items they are accepting: 

How will we be doing this? 
- We will be collecting monetary donations from people and then sending them to the Pinay Xanderettes, who will use the money to BUY items in the list above on the 16th. The items bought will be given to the organiser at the event on the 17th. 

For now, we are rushing to meet the dateline of Saturday, 16th November, 12NN (GMT +8) 

We apologise for the really rushed dateline, but we will most likely be supporting a separate longer term project after this one, so if you can't make it for this round, you can still participate in the next.

Why should you join this project? Firstly, if you are able to read this right now, do you know how fortunate you are? The Philippines has yet to recover from not one, but TWO natural disasters in the past 2 months, and now they have been hit by a third one, which is one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded, devastating the country and affecting more than 11 million people, with a rising death toll and access remains a problem. 

We believe that each and every one of us is able to give, whether it be $1, or $2 or if we can afford it, more. Eating something cheaper, or buying one less Gongcha, etc. all these are little things that don't have a massive difference in our lives. But the same amount of money used for those things can buy bread, blankets, medicine, etc. which could save someone's life. Think about it. If you can read this, if you can tweet, you can update your Facebook, you have a roof over your heads, you have a school to attend, you can watch 3 Peas In A Pod twice......... you can afford it, all you need to do is to let yourself make a difference, because each and every one of you CAN. What's important is not the amount, but the heart that comes with it. 

We are now collecting donations via Bank Transfer/iBanking or you can send them to the Pinay Xanderettes straight via PayPal. Please see details below: 

Bank Transfer/iBanking
POSB Savings 209-19546-1

Account Holder: Su Li Qing (9128 7699)

Questions may be posted to this thread or tweeted to us or on Facebook. Please join us and love our friends in the Philippines! Spread the word to your friends~ They don't have to be Xanderettes to join this project.