Monday, December 30, 2013

[INFO] "We want 3 Peas In A Pod!" - Ask for 3 Peas to Screen in Your Country

Hello Xanderettes! Now that "3 Peas In A Pod" has finished it's run in Singapore, it will soon be opening in theatres in Malaysia in January. You might ask, where will it open next? Will it open in my country? The answer is still uncertain. Unfortunately, tweeting 3 Peas In A Pod, Left Profile, Michelle Chong, Alexander etc. on Twitter does not help much in the process of getting the film to be screened in your country.

How it works is this: A distribution company will buy the rights to screen a film in a country, and it is always a risk because it isn't certain how much money a film will make AKA will many people pay to watch the movie in cinemas? Every one is a risk, and so is 3 Peas In A Pod. The reality is that 3 Peas In A Pod does not have amazing credentials nor do they have globally well-known and recognised actors or director/producers, especially among the people who do not take interest in the Korean wave or Mandopop etc. There was also not enough buzz generated for the film beyond that of amongst Alexander, Calvin and Michelle's fans and followers. Hence, it is unlikely that the film will be picked up by distributors outside Singapore & Malaysian territories easily.

What we can do: Not all hope is lost! If you are able to successfully convince a distributor in your country that 3 Peas In A Pod is in demand and that many people will go to watch it in the cinema, you might just be able to have the movie screened in your country!

A rough list of distribution companies around the world: 

All you have to do is to create buzz for this movie in your country! How? Send an email, call to inquire at your local distributors about the film, whether it will be screened soon, tweet, set up a Facebook page, i.e. "3 Peas In A Pod for the Philippines", endless things you could try. Create buzz and attract the distributors to see and show them that 3 Peas is a film worth taking a risk for.

If you need help in spreading the word or creating awareness or is unsure what to do, feel free to email us at or you can also leave a comment below, or even tweet us. We'll be glad to help you out! :)

"3 Peas In A Pod" Distribution
Singapore - Golden Village Pictures (14 November 2013) Rating: NC16
Malaysia - Metrowealth Pictures (16 January 2014) Rating: P13