Thursday, January 28, 2016

[PICS] Moorim School Fansupport for Alexander

Thank you to everyone who helped out for this project
The fansupport was delivered without a hitch and Alexander was very happy and thankful, we're all very glad to give some warmth & encouragement to the cast & crew who have been working so hard despite the cold weather and tiring hours. 

Click to watch Alexander's thank you message! 

Photos by: Xanderland_KR

Thank you to the following people who've helped made this possible! 

These are the designs for the hanging banner + coffee cups! 
"We had so much leftover batter so we made some churros" "Xander, Fighting!" 
(This is in reference to YeopJung's scene in Episode 2, where he gives Chiang 'leftover batter' in cooking class) 

"A kind child once you get to know him, 'Yeop Jung', please take good care of him!"

♥♔ Churros + Coffee Truck ♥ 
Total no. of churros served: 170
Total no. of drinks served: 150

100x Hotpacks for Cast & Crew

 Gift(s) for Alexander  

Truffle chocolates for 2 managers
2 boxes of 10 truffle chocolates + marshmallows for Alexander
Backpack (with a laptop slot so he can use for school!)