Monday, August 22, 2016

[EVENT] Alexander's Date with Algovital Angels

Alexander's Date with Algovital Angels
Date: 26th August, Friday
Time: 8PM 
Location: Revolte x Sheshops @ Wheelock #02-02/03

Where to buy Algovital Angel Products?


Physical Store: 
Algovital Angel 
Metro, #02-28 
290 Orchard Road
238859 Singapore

Products List: 
- Algovital Angel Moisturizing Cream (50g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Angel Pure Essence (50ml) SGD 48.00
- Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion (120 ml) SGD 44.00
- Algovital Angel Nourishing Facial Mask (5 sheets /box) SGD 25.00
- Algovital Angel Fresh Mist (50ml) SGD 15.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Cleanser (150ml) SGD 35.00
- Algovital Angel Light Body Lotion (300g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Body Cleanser (200ml) SGD 40.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Body Cleansing Foam for Babies (200ml) SGD 35.00
- Algovital Angel Natural Body Lotion for Babies (300g) SGD 45.00
- Algovital Brightening & AntiWrinkle Serum Ampoule (10ml x 10 / box) SGD 120.00
- Algovital Healing Therapy Bio Cellulose Mask (5 sheets / box) SGD 40.00
- Algovital Brightening & Hydrating Blemish Cover Cream (60g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital White Sun Protection Cream (60g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Multi Action Anti-Aging Cream (50g) SGD 110.00
- Deer Milk Firming Mask (10 sheets / box) SGD 55.00
- Deer Milk Whitening Mask (10sheets / box) SGD 55.00


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