Tuesday, October 23, 2018

[ENG TRANS] Korean Star Alexander "Spoiled Rotten" With Food By Michelle Chong

Previously starring in Michelle Chong’s film “3 Peas In A Pod”, Korean star Alexander Lee Eusebio has been appointed as brand ambassador for dENiZEN once again and was in town for the advertisement shoot with Michelle Chong as the creative director. 

During the interview, Alexander said, “Michelle Chong has spoiled me rotten! She’s been taking me to eat good food and also giving me a comfortable working environment.” The last time he was in town for work was 3 to 4 years ago, also for dENiZEN, and he has an aunt living in Singapore whom he came to visit 2 years ago.

When asked what was the first thing he ate when he arrived in Singapore, he said, “Bak Kut Teh!”, and also quipped that he really wanted to eat laksa, chilli crab and satay.

A self-confessed foodie, filming for Korean programme tvN’s “One Night Food Trip” was a dream come true for him. He happily told us, “I like hosting, I like eating, so going on food programmes is like getting paid to do what I love, there’s nothing more that I could ask for!” 

Focus on Hosting and Acting

Alexander debuted in 2008 as a member of Korean idol group U-KISS and left the band in 2011. Throughout the years, he has worked hard on advancing his acting career, released music singles, filmed local movie “3 Peas In A Pod”, and hosted programmes. Although he has tried to shed the “Korean idol” label, there’s no doubt that many still have the impression of him as the “ex-U-KISS member”. “People think that I'm naturally good at singing at dancing and only ask for me to do so, but I’ve actually gone through tough training in the past; I’m not naturally gifted at singing nor dancing.”

Given the numerous requests for him to sing whenever he gets new work, he knows it’s unavoidable but doesn’t want it to be the focus of his career. Instead, he would like to focus on hosting and acting.

Well-Received TV Drama in the Philippines

Alexander is currently signed to an agency in Korea, and also renewed his contract with Filipino broadcast company GMA Network two weeks ago. Through the opportunity to star in the Phililppines-Korean co-production “My Korean Jagiya”, he had signed a one year contract with GMA Network. The series received incredible response and extended from the initial 40 episodes to 100. With that, GMA Network also decided to re-contract with him.

Alexander tells us, “When I was with U-KISS, I’ve done a concert in the Philippines, and I never imagined that I would have the chance to advance my career here as a solo artiste.”

In addition to working hard, Alexander is also busy with school. He’s currently doing a double degree in Mass Communication and Business with Korea University, and is short of one semester to graduation. Having just celebrated his 30th birthday, he says that he’s the oldest student in class, and sometimes he gets frustrated over the lack of common topics with his schoolmates. Even so, he learns a lot from them, for example lingo used by young people, and refuses to let himself become an Uncle. He laughs, “The best method for anti-aging, is to go back to school and hang out with young people!” 

Translation: xanderettes.net