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XANDERETTES.NET is brought to you by Gillian, Lia & Liqing. The three of us met online as Alexander fans back in early 2009. Gillian and Liqing are from Singapore, while Lia is from Indonesia.  Fans of Alexander at that time were scarce, and the three of us became very closely knit. Lia always referred to us as the "Xanderettes". Largely thanks to Alexander, the name Xanderette is now used for all Alexander fans! We are now dubbed the "Xanderettes Version 1.0", and are more than glad to welcome you to the big Xanderette family! Initially starting off as a forum in 2011, we have since moved to a website. This website was opened to support Alexander Lee Eusebio/알렉산더/亞歷山大, and is also recognised by Alexander himself.

Here at XANDERETTES.NET, we try our best to bring you the best of Alexander, and here you can find pictures & photos, videos, translated news articles (usually from Chinese/Korean to English), scans, lyrics etc. more information and the latest updates about Alexander! Occasionally we come up with projects as well~ Visit here to see what we have so far! Other than sourcing for news and pictures online, we are also equipped to produce and edit our own photographs and videos. See videos below to watch our coverage of various events since 2011, and click here to watch an exclusive interview we have done with Alexander during a 3rd Wave Music event in Malaysia in 2011, with special thanks to International K-pop Community K-ommunity.

We are also always glad to assist organizer needs such as promoting of any Alexander events on various social media platforms and we have previously also lent a hand to Alexander's fan meeting in Singapore, 2012, "Specially For Xanderettes", facilitating ticket sales and organizing fans.

All banners on the website are designed by us, and all art is hand drawn by Gillian.


We love & support Alexander! & we ♥ God!