Thursday, September 21, 2017

#XanderettesCARE 2017: Pinay Xanderettes' Charity Event

October 7, 2017, Concordia Children Services Inc., Sta. Mesa, Manila

In celebration of Pinay Xanderettes’ 4th Anniversary, we are organizing a fun day for children from Concordia Children Services Inc. and donating some supplies needed by the organization to continue with their mission – to respond in the name of Christ to the various needs of the children and their families that they may have hope for a better future by developing and enhancing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

  • 7-12 years old (65 kids) – We will have a party with them! Have a hearty meal with them, play fun games, teach values and health lessons, give-away goodie bags containing hygiene and school supplies.
  • 0-3 years old (23 babies) – To supply for their everyday needs, like diapers, medicine, milk etc.

We are joining in with the Pinay Xanderettes for this meaningful event, and hope that you would too! Join us to help reach our target! 

Target budget: 1,000USD

The money* will be used for the following:
  •           Catering for children, staff, volunteers, fans (~150pax) by Zest Appetite Enterprises
  •           School supplies (Pad papers, stationery, bags, etc.)
  •           Medicine (Multi-vitamins, paracetamol, etc.)
  •           Baby needs (Milk powder, diapers, wet tissues etc.)
  •           Toiletries (Alcohol/Sanitizers, Toothpaste & Toothbrushes)
  •           Household needs (Garbage bags, storage boxes, cutlery)

*All usage of money will be made transparent and available through Pinay @Xanderettes Twitter account. 

Join in the party* & meet our special guest

What is an exciting party without the star? *hint hint* 10 lucky donors will get to attend the event, have a blast with the children, and also meet our special guest. To be fair, we will be hosting a lucky draw and pick out 10 names. Names will be entered into the draw upon donations; the more you donate, the more you stand a chance of winning a slot**! 

200PHP – 1 Chance
500PHP – 3 Chances
1000PHP – 6 Chances

Closing date of donations: 2 October 2017
Lucky Draw Announcement: 3 October 2017

*Event only open to fans residing in the Philippines, or who will be in the Philippines during the time of the event. 

As the money is going to something meaningful and good, we hope that many of you would participate joyfully, and at the same time, stand a chance to be up close and personal with our favourite jagiya! 

For overseas fans, we are still in the midst of discussing in hopes to be able to gift you something special as well to thank you for your generosity! 

**Repeated winners will be redrawn. Winners must be able to attend the event on the 7th October. If unable to attend, another winner will be redrawn. 

To make your donation…

Bank Transfer (For fans residing in PH):
BPI – Account Holder: Leslie Anne Navarra
        Account Number: 4649 3402 72

PayPal (All Overseas):

After making your donation, send Pinay Xanderettes an email at with the subject “Xanderettes Fun Day” with the following information:

Full Name/Twitter Username:
Amount Donated: 
Transaction Details: (i.e. transaction reference number, or photo of transfer slip)
In-Kind Donation: (Leave blank if not applicable)

Our main goal for this project is to celebrate our fandom by sharing our blessings to those who are in need. Through this, together we can give these children hope and show them that they’re loved and that Xanderettes care

For more inquiries, please contact Pinay Xanderettes at either of the following:

You may also leave your questions as a comment down below and we will answer you if we can! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

[YOUTUBE] #Stylecast 2017 - All Episodes

Ep 1 ~ 21 
(Note: Alexander didn't appear in Episode 17)

Monday, August 22, 2016

[EVENT] Alexander's Date with Algovital Angels

Alexander's Date with Algovital Angels
Date: 26th August, Friday
Time: 8PM 
Location: Revolte x Sheshops @ Wheelock #02-02/03

Where to buy Algovital Angel Products?


Physical Store: 
Algovital Angel 
Metro, #02-28 
290 Orchard Road
238859 Singapore

Products List: 
- Algovital Angel Moisturizing Cream (50g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Angel Pure Essence (50ml) SGD 48.00
- Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion (120 ml) SGD 44.00
- Algovital Angel Nourishing Facial Mask (5 sheets /box) SGD 25.00
- Algovital Angel Fresh Mist (50ml) SGD 15.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Cleanser (150ml) SGD 35.00
- Algovital Angel Light Body Lotion (300g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Body Cleanser (200ml) SGD 40.00
- Algovital Angel Soft Body Cleansing Foam for Babies (200ml) SGD 35.00
- Algovital Angel Natural Body Lotion for Babies (300g) SGD 45.00
- Algovital Brightening & AntiWrinkle Serum Ampoule (10ml x 10 / box) SGD 120.00
- Algovital Healing Therapy Bio Cellulose Mask (5 sheets / box) SGD 40.00
- Algovital Brightening & Hydrating Blemish Cover Cream (60g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital White Sun Protection Cream (60g) SGD 50.00
- Algovital Multi Action Anti-Aging Cream (50g) SGD 110.00
- Deer Milk Firming Mask (10 sheets / box) SGD 55.00
- Deer Milk Whitening Mask (10sheets / box) SGD 55.00

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 14

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 13

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[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 12

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 11

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 10

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[HQ CAPS] Moorim School Episode 9

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

[PICS] Moorim School Fansupport for Alexander

Thank you to everyone who helped out for this project
The fansupport was delivered without a hitch and Alexander was very happy and thankful, we're all very glad to give some warmth & encouragement to the cast & crew who have been working so hard despite the cold weather and tiring hours. 

Click to watch Alexander's thank you message! 

Photos by: Xanderland_KR

Thank you to the following people who've helped made this possible! 

These are the designs for the hanging banner + coffee cups! 
"We had so much leftover batter so we made some churros" "Xander, Fighting!" 
(This is in reference to YeopJung's scene in Episode 2, where he gives Chiang 'leftover batter' in cooking class) 

"A kind child once you get to know him, 'Yeop Jung', please take good care of him!"

♥♔ Churros + Coffee Truck ♥ 
Total no. of churros served: 170
Total no. of drinks served: 150