Happy New Year, Xanderettes! Click HERE to read a exclusive interview with Alexander:
32 Questions with Alexander - 100% asked by fans, 100% answered by Alexander!

Thank you Xanderettes for joining us in successfully completing our 3 Peas In A Pod Fansupport Project Parts 1 & 2! Alexander definitely enjoyed it, and we hope that you enjoyed it too! :) Check out the links below for a breakdown & pictures from the 2 projects.

Fansupport Part 1: COMPLETED! | Fansupport Part 2: COMPLETED!

3 Peas In A Pod is set to be launched in MALAYSIA, starting 16th January 2014! Look forward to it!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[PRE-ORDER] 3 Peas In A Pod DVD

Date of Release: TBA
Price: SGD$16 (incl. 7% GST, excl. shipping)
Pre-Order Closing Date: 15 April 2014

3 Peas In A Pod DVD will retail in stores in Singapore for SGD$19.90. Pre-orders made through will directly go to Left Profile. As we will be collecting the DVDs straight from Left Profile's office, we are able to keep the price of the DVD to $15, yay! We will most likely be distributing the DVDs through a meet-up. More details will be released when the DVDs are ready for collection.

We are currently unsure of any special features etc. or how the DVD looks like, or when it will be released. We will update accordingly once we hear from Left Profile. 

For now, pre-order is only open locally for those living in Singapore, but if you are living overseas and you are interested in pre-ordering, please also indicate your interest to us via email. Please note that we are unable to guarantee international orders at the moment and we will let you know soonest if we are able to proceed with them. This is due to shortage of 'xanderette-power' in our team currently and we aren't able to dedicate as much time as we would like to anymore due to busy work schedules and other commitments :( But we will let you know soon!

We will be accepting international orders outside of Singapore. We are currently unable to determine the price of the DVD including shipping to your country, but we will get back to you the soonest we can! If you are interested, please send us an email as below: 

To place your pre-order, please email the following to

Subject Title: 3 Peas DVD Pre-order

Contact Number: 
Email Address: 
Quantity of DVDs: 

Please send all of the details listed above to us. Incomplete emails will not be counted. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

[PIC] Denizen Singapore 2nd TVC & Endorsement Pictures

Click "Read More" below to see all pictures :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

[PIC] Denizen Asia: Spring Collection

Source: Denizen Asia Facebook

Follow Denizen Asia on Instagram ( for upcoming Behind-the-Scenes footage from the 2nd TV promo commercial starring Alexander & Chloe! 

Friday, January 17, 2014


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Thursday, January 2, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Alexander: 32 Questions From Xanderettes

Happy New Year, Xanderettes! :) Do you remember this?  All of you had the opportunity to send in questions you're curious about to Alexander, and all of us are in for a real treat! Initially, we were going to pick out 10 popular or most interesting questions....... but guess what? Alexander kindly answered a total of 32 questions instead! :) This exclusive interview is in celebration of the friendship between Alexander and Xanderettes, and is brought to you by XANDERETTES.NET

Note: Please do not extract any parts of the interview to use against Alexander, or twist any of the words or use with the intention to defame. All questions and answers are purely meant for Alexander and his fans. Also, if taking out from to post on another website, please include a credit to Thanks! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

[INFO] "We want 3 Peas In A Pod!" - Ask for 3 Peas to Screen in Your Country

Hello Xanderettes! Now that "3 Peas In A Pod" has finished it's run in Singapore, it will soon be opening in theatres in Malaysia in January. You might ask, where will it open next? Will it open in my country? The answer is still uncertain. Unfortunately, tweeting 3 Peas In A Pod, Left Profile, Michelle Chong, Alexander etc. on Twitter does not help much in the process of getting the film to be screened in your country.

How it works is this: A distribution company will buy the rights to screen a film in a country, and it is always a risk because it isn't certain how much money a film will make AKA will many people pay to watch the movie in cinemas? Every one is a risk, and so is 3 Peas In A Pod. The reality is that 3 Peas In A Pod does not have amazing credentials nor do they have globally well-known and recognised actors or director/producers, especially among the people who do not take interest in the Korean wave or Mandopop etc. There was also not enough buzz generated for the film beyond that of amongst Alexander, Calvin and Michelle's fans and followers. Hence, it is unlikely that the film will be picked up by distributors outside Singapore & Malaysian territories easily.

What we can do: Not all hope is lost! If you are able to successfully convince a distributor in your country that 3 Peas In A Pod is in demand and that many people will go to watch it in the cinema, you might just be able to have the movie screened in your country!

A rough list of distribution companies around the world: 

All you have to do is to create buzz for this movie in your country! How? Send an email, call to inquire at your local distributors about the film, whether it will be screened soon, tweet, set up a Facebook page, i.e. "3 Peas In A Pod for the Philippines", endless things you could try. Create buzz and attract the distributors to see and show them that 3 Peas is a film worth taking a risk for.

If you need help in spreading the word or creating awareness or is unsure what to do, feel free to email us at or you can also leave a comment below, or even tweet us. We'll be glad to help you out! :)

"3 Peas In A Pod" Distribution
Singapore - Golden Village Pictures (14 November 2013) Rating: NC16
Malaysia - Metrowealth Pictures (16 January 2014) Rating: P13

[PIC] 131227 TODAY Online - Alexander & Chloe for style&beauty

Right-click on picture & open in new tab/window to view full size
Source: TODAY Online Archives

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[NEWS] Alexander accepted to Korea University's School of Media & Communication!

Former U-Kiss member Alexander (25) has now become a University freshman student. 

Alexander was accepted to Korea University's School of Media & Communication late last month. The Hong Kong born Alexander decided to continue his studies after having had to postpone them due to his past activities with U-Kiss. He received his acceptance through the special admission for foreigners in Korea University. 

Alexander's "father is from Hong Kong and mother is from Korea. As many of my family members from my mother's side graduated from Korea University, I knew a lot of information about the school beforehand. I'm very happy to have been accepted there." he revealed. 

Source: 일간스포츠 (Reporter Kim Yeon Ji)

Please credit accordingly if posting elsewhere, thanks. 

Congratulations Alexander!! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[SCANS] 131119 I-Weekly Trends: Alexander Lee Eusebio & Chloe Wang

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Source: i-Weekly, i love 生活 An i-weekly supplement, No.838, 21 Nov 2013, Pg 10~12
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[SCANS] 131119 8 DAYS: Confessions Of A Former K-Pop Star

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Source: 8 Days Nov 21, 2013 No. 1205 Pg 42, 43
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